Self-Driving Vehicles: Startups (Already) on the Road



  • Self-Driving Vehicles: Startups (Already) on the Road

    New inroads bring driverless cars to market


    CHANGE OF DATE: Thursday, November 21, 2013


    Stanford University

    Cemex Auditorium

    655 Knight Way, Stanford, CA 94305-7298


    Parking Information

    Parking Structure VII, 655 Knight Way off Campus Drive (located under Faculty Building West @ Knight Management Center)



    6:00 pm – Registration & Reception

    7:00 pm – Panel Discussion including Q&A Session

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    Advances in sensor technologies, robotics, and vehicle-to-vehicle communications are now converging to (finally) make driverless cars a reality.


    Sales of driverless vehicles are expected to surpass 95.4 million by 2035, representing 75% of all light-duty vehicle sales according to an August 2013 report by Navigant Research. Unfathomable? Think again!


    This radical shift in transportation is driving the old, established auto industry to a new frontier.  Opportunities abound for leveraging technology and innovation to get driverless cars to market.  These include connected cars, cars initially used for slower speed driving, networks of alternative fleets, traditional automakers, and even autonomous expertise from other industries.


    When self-driving, autonomous vehicles replace the ones we have today, it will impact an existing ecosystem of stakeholders from automobile manufacturers to dealers, servicers, insurers and car-for-hire providers. Those who remain complacent in the face of such disruptive change may find themselves left behind.

    • When will today’s passenger vehicles become the dinosaurs of tomorrow? Why will this happening in the near future instead of in 10+ years?
    • Which technologies and customer needs have triggered the disruption in transportation? (Environment, Congestion, Safety, Rising costs of fuel?)
    • Which business models are the most viable? What approach will garner the most funding to propel it forward?
    • How will companies generate the most demand and traction for their route-to-market?

    Join VLAB and our panelists on Thursday, November 21st for a lively discussion on the reality and future potential for autonomous cars.



    Josh Switkes, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Peloton Technology Inc.

    Corey Clothier, President and COO, Induct Technologies USA

    Sven Strohband, CTO, Khosla Ventures

    Early bird rate will end at 6:00PM on Tuesday, November 12th.  Continue to check back as other panelists will be announced soon!

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