Meet the future of distributed mobile cloud and new materials research from Lund University, Sweden



  • Join us on June 10th to find out how you can work with the brightest synchrotron facility and most advanced new materials research center in the world, MAX IV Laboratory and Lund University's Mobile and Pervasive Computing Institute, MAPCI.

    Come mingle and listen to Lund University's President and the Directors of MAX IV Laboratory and MAPCI speak about how you can collaborate with these research institutes.

    Time: June 10th at 5:00PM
    Location: Wallenberg Hall @ Stanford University
    Food and drinks will be served


    MAPCI is a mobile cloud computing research institute leveraging Sweden's strength in systems design & control and software & hardware design in mobile and wireless systems. The institute lays the foundation for a truly connected world through world-class research, disruptive innovation and industry collaboration.
    MAX IV Laboratory will be one of the most advanced synchrotron facilities in the world offering the research community a very powerful new tool. Major advances and breakthroughs are expected in material science, ICT, biology, medicine, and many other fields of research.