Founders Space: Strategic Investors - Why Startups Should Look to Corporate VCs for Funding



  • Strategic Investors: Why Startups Should Look to Corporate VCs for Funding!

    This is our annual "Strategic Investors" event.
    Find out how to raise money from strategic partners & corporations...

    • What are corporations looking for in startups?
    • Which coporations are the most active investors?
    • How to negotiate the best terms with a corporate VC?
    • Ways to orchestrate your own acquisition

    It will be a packed house with plenty of drinks, food and networking.

    We'll have three top corporate VCs speaking at the event:

    • Gareth Keane of Qualcomm Ventures
    • Sumeet Jain of Intel Ventures
    • VC #3  (coming soon!)
    • Tobin Dommer of Sheppard Mullin
    • Moderator: Steven Hoffman of Founders Space

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    Early Tickets (ends March 5): $25
    Last Minute Tickets: $45
    Door Tickets: $60

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