Business Intelligence SIG: Data Management in the Cloud



  • Note: This is a joint meeting with the Cloud Services SIG and the BI SIG.

    Public Clouds and Private Clouds have seized the imagination of cash strapped CIOs and user departments seeking quick ways to provision applications. This session starts with basics of cloud computing, including pricing trends, typical uses, virtualization trends, benefits, negatives, and some of the leading vendors.  The primary discussion will center on Infrastructure-as-a-Service, that is hardware for rent. Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service will be mentioned.
    Once past cloud concepts and definitions, how are data marts implemented in cloud computing?  We can use data marts as a proxy for databases in general.  With this we explore the concepts of cloud configurations, getting data into and out of the cloud, load balancing, and security. A brief "day in the life" of a cloud data mart will be used to illustrate the typical ways public and private clouds are used. This session applies to both public clouds (Amazon Web Services) and private clouds (VMware/vSphere 4)