The Cleantech Mash-Up: How Convergence & Innovation is Creating New Business Opportunities



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    Cleantech is blurring the lines between traditional business segments, products, services, and business models. The clear distinctions between traditional value chains are gone for buildings, vehicles, as well as the broad sectors of energy supply and management. Leading companies are exploring new ways to create and deliver value to the converging markets. They are looking at traditional problems and opportunities in a more aggregated way and with a new mindset. Instead of selling 'new and improved'  traditional products or services, they are looking for entirely new technologies and business models to deliver more complete solutions. In pursuit of the solutions, companies are partnering, prototyping, and exploring for value in major new ways. The diverse panel of leaders will explore the new ways companies  are innovating and how they have shifted their mental models and approach to benefit from the convergence.


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