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    Smartphone-toting consumers are embracing a world in which they can find out about (if not buy) almost anything they encounter out in the real world, anytime.

    With textual search and textual information now being available to most people most of the time, the race is on to add useful real world elements – and by ‘real world’ we mean the world of objects and people, simply by pointing your smartphone at them, adding depth of knowledge, communicating stories, origins, price comparisons, reviews, ecommerce and so on, or by all means, just have some fun with it!

    And will 2012 finally see the tipping point for QR codes, the granddaddy of POINT & KNOW technologies? They're everywhere now – even on the soles of some brands of shoes! - and thanks to smartphones, consumers may finally be warming up to them too.

    With Google and MasterCard, 2 of the best known brands in the world joining trailblazer Square, it’s beginning to look like a cashless future is (almost) here. If it takes hold, an entire new eco-system of payments, rewards and offers will open up, unleashing event more opportunities for creative branding & marketing.

    While 2011 saw new levels of consumer disgust at too many business' self-serving and often downright immoral (if not criminal) actions, stories of businesses doing good (Patagonia! Ben & Jerry's!) remind consumers that personality and profit can be compatible, further enhancing their brands. So if consumers are willing to embrace brands that are FLAWSOME (awesomely flawed), can opening the kimono on your company help, or hurt, your marketing & positioning?

    Participate with our panel of experts on exploring how your company can exploit emerging digital media channels & trends, to develop a brand image that customers can embrace.



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