SaaS SIG: The Business of SaaS: Attaining Operational Excellence



  • With the On-Demand Model


    Presentation Overview

    The Business of SaaS: Attaining Operational Excellence with the On-Demand Model

    What are the best practices in a company that provides enterprise software via the on-demand model? From the ASP movement to “Apps on Tap” to today’s “on-demand” models, the hype-to-reality differences have clouded the true business implications of the model for both providers of SaaS and for the customers who partake of that delivery methods. This session will address some of the many business ramifications of the SaaS delivery method to both providers and consumers.

    Discussion will include topics such as:
    1.The models:
    a.Does hosted licensed software = SaaS?
    b.The blended approach – is it an advantage?
    c.Advantages of software created for on-demand d.SaaS+ -- the future—On-Demand meets BPO

    a.Solution development
    b.The Integration Issue
    d.Revenue recognition management for SaaS providers
    e.Full-service customer relationship management – advantages of the SaaS model

    3.Building an organization to support one operational model
    c.Executive Support



    Katherine Jones is the Director of Marketing for NetSuite, Inc., a Bay Area company that provides integrated ERP solutions as a hosted service to middle market enterprises. She was a research director at Aberdeen Group in Boston for eight years, focusing on research on ERP and mid-market companies. Her focus there was on the fundamental processes of business operations and strategy, delivery methods, and the effects of technological change and innovation on these processes within the global organization. She has written widely on many areas of technology and business practices.

    A veteran in enterprise applications, Jones has been responsible for technical product marketing and strategic alliance management in several computer companies since 1984. She founded Independent Consulting Services in 1994 to provide marketing services to high tech companies. Prior to a high technology career, Jones was a university dean, involved in academic administration, research, and teaching.

    Jones is a frequent speaker and is widely published in the U.S. and abroad.


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    6:30 - 7:00 p.m. Registration/Networking
    7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Presentation


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