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  • Profit metrics have been missing until now


    Presentation Overview

    Missing data, inconsistent metrics, and vertical and horizontal management disconnects all make it hard to determine just what leads to profitable results. Was it good planning, superb execution, or just plain luck? Few could do it again.

    Research shows executives and middle managers alike are at a loss for how to quantify and replicate marketing success. And they wish it wasn’t so. They’d like real-time management and repeatable processes. But knowledge of profitability and marketing successes are limited to anecdotes or rough measures or sidetracked by functional or tactical metrics. And no amount of data mining or predictive modeling will cover for data not being collected or analyzed.

    Our presenter Linda Sharp CEO of Religence, contends that what is needed is a common language of profit to connect executives to middle mangers and marketing to operations—to get them all on the same page and provide a consistent framework for managing operations as well as planning strategy.

    The Religence Framework breakthrough in how to quantify marketing--to get to relevant profit metrics--is to measure customer relationship development. They measure what it costs to build profitable relationships, interaction by interaction, response by response. And map what interaction value patterns lead to profitable relationship development. Data input is so simple it can be done from a wireless device. Output leads to iterative improvement of the strategy and business model.


    About the Presenter

    Linda Sharp CMC is CEO of Religence™

    Linda Sharp CMC is CEO of Religence™, an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) consulting firm formed to take the Religence Framework to market. She is the principal developer of the Religence Framework which links strategy to execution and profitability and leads to real-time management and repeatable processes.

    Linda has run her own marketing firms for 30 years, observing success in marketing with a mathematician’s eye. The Religence Framework was born of her five-year odyssey to quantify marketing. A marketing innovator and integrator, her firms have been a laboratory for developing a quantitative approach to marketing while building a solid track record with major companies in high tech, IT, manufacturing, transportation, energy, environmental, financial services and professional services. Clients have included Fireman’s Fund Insurance, Wells Fargo, Visa, U.S. Leasing, AT&T, AMD, Hewlett-Packard, Pacific Fruit Express (a former Southern Pacific company), EPRI, Chevron, Brown and Caldwell, and Grace Sierra (a former W.R. Grace company). A reoccurring theme for her has been to help companies through the throes of massive change. If she has her way, another is about to happen. Religence believes their approach will fundamentally change how customer-facing teams in marketing and operations are measured and managed.


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