Business Intelligence SIG: Pervasive Data-Based Decisions



  • Topic: Pervasive Data-Based Decisions
    A number of commentators, including Accenture, rightly point out that the advent of so-called “Big Data” technologies doesn’t change the need for our trusty relational databases and our well-curated data warehouses. Quite the contrary – the increasing availability and usability of unstructured (sensor, text, audio, image, etc.) data makes the enterprise’s existing investments in managing its structured, typically transactional data even more valuable and will drive continued investments in those platforms.

    Now that we all agree that enterprise structured data, and newer sources of data - that are often less structured - will coexist and be integrated, we can focus on the real disruptive innovation that these big data technologies share – linear scalability.

    While most of the talk around big data technologies focus on the “big,” that focus distracts us from the key disruptive innovation in the big data technologies: linear scalability. With Hadoop, Cassandra, recently Amazon’s DynamoDB, and many others other big data technologies, the first terabyte of storage and processing power costs the same as the last. Therefore, the cost of storing and using data increases as a linear function of the quantity of data and the number of uses that data is put to. Most (but importantly, not all) relational databases scale geometrically, which is to say the last terabyte of processing and storage capacity is exponentially more expensive that the first. Vendors like Greenplum and Asterdata are bringing linear scalability to the relational world, and Microsoft is bringing it to SQL Server on Azure.


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