Business Intelligence SIG: The Evolution of BI from Back Office to Business Critical Analytics




    TITLE: The Evolution of BI from Back Office to Business Critical Analytics


    Business Intelligence  has been around for decades in the form of back office enterprise data warehouses and more recently large departmental reporting systems.  Over the past five years it has started migrating out into mainline business operations and today numerous organizations rely on BI for business critical tasks.  From online advertising networks and social gaming to financial services, network operations and retail supply chains, BI systems are becoming an integrated part of day to day operations just as CRM did ten years ago and ERP before it.  This is a promise that is finally being fulfilled as processing power and new data management tools are being adopted by business operations teams.

    This talk will present use cases showing how BI has been integrated into daily business processes. It will cover both the tools and technologies as well as the cultural change required to integrated real time data warehousing. The technologies including cloud like servers that can be stacked near limitlessly and are achieving higher power density than ever before.  In addition, new data management tools such as complex event processing engines, analytic databases and batch processing map/reduce systems are making it possible to crunch very large amounts of data in very little time and react to events as they happen.  Most importantly, operations teams who were once hesitant to rely on such systems have started deploying these technologies for operational management, easing the adoption for other parts of the business.

    SPEAKER: Omer Trajman, Senior Director for Cloud and Virtualization, Vertica

    Omer Trajman is responsible for Vertica's cloud computing and virtualization initiatives. He is an authority on cloud-based databases through his pioneering work launching Vertica's cloud database on Amazon EC2. He recently led Vertica’s Map Reduce integration with the Apache Hadoop project.

    Prior to this role, he was director of field engineering, responsible for managing the company's customer-facing technical team. His team helped customers with large-scale data warehouse database deployments, including Verizon, Comcast, JP Morgan, and Vonage. Previously, he held technical positions at Wellogic and the Escher Group, engineering highly distributed database systems, including the 39,000-node counter system that powers the UK Post Office

    Trajman has spoken at numerous event including Interop, Cloud Computing East, TDWI and VMworld. He earned a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Tufts University and performed large-scale distributed system research at Oxford University



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