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BI SIG: From Supply Chain To Value Chain



  • Speaker

    Steve Herrick, CTO and Barbara Hoefle, President of Serus

    Presentation Overview

    Steve and Barbara will present a brief history of the evolution of Supply Chain Management and why it is at the forefront of business initiatives today. They will review recent trends in Supply Chain Management and how the current business downturn only increases the focus on efficiently managing this critical part of business. The presentation shows how technological changes have affected SCM, discusses what those technologies are, and outlines the key participants. Steve and Barbara will discuss initiatives that are under way in the high-technology manufacturing sector, and what the current buzzwords really mean.

    Steve Herrick is a Co-Founder and Chief Supply Chain Technologist at Serus. Steve has over 20 years experience in developing supply chain strategies for major high technology companies that include Apple computer, Quantum, Iomega, Alcatel and HP. As founder of SLH Consulting, which specializes in supply chain reengineering and strategic vision development, Steve has assisted senior management of technology companies in developing supply chain strategies that proactively deliver world class fulfillment. Steve spent over 11 years in senior level management positions at Quantum Corporation and Apple Computer. While at Quantum, he was responsible for supply chain activities, manufacturing engineering, fulfillment, and distribution of their high-end disk drive products. At Apple computer, Steve was instrumental in the development of flexible manufacturing systems for their automated factories worldwide, implementing state of the art wireless tracking infrastructure. Steve is a founding member of the Stanford Supply Chain Forum and has produced nationally published articles on Manufacturing Flexibility and Supply Chain Optimization. Steve has a bachelor of science degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of North Dakota.

    Barbara Hoefle is Co-Founder and President of Serus. Barbara has over 15 years of supply chain, logistics and manufacturing experience across a wide spectrum of industries. During her 10 years at United Parcel Service, she held industrial engineering and operations positions in the air, hub and delivery systems. Barbara led the expansion of the Oakland Gateway, where volume grew 750% in one year. Serving as Director of Global Operations at Coleman Consulting Group, Barbara garnered Fortune 500 clients and led multiple teams of consultants on Supply Chain process improvement initiatives. In each engagement, her team would identify tens of millions of dollar in opportunity and move the clients toward the revenue generating and cost saving initiatives around the world. At CCG, she worked with the founder to secure venture capital funding. She became Vice President of Sales & Business Development for ISC, Corp, the first internet-based ASP application for the Workforce Management Software industry. Barbara holds B.A in International Relations and a B.S Economics from the University of the Pacific. Executive MBA from St. Mary’s College.

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