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  • What Microsoft and Friends are Up To



    Jim Porzak - President Information Interface Systems


    Presentation Overview

    Redefining the Business Intelligence Marketplace - What Microsoft and Friends are Up To

    OLAP, data mining, and ETL tools come for free with MS-SQL Server 2000, so many organizations already have a basic BI foundation in-house. The under $1400 street price of SQL Server 2000 is well below the cost of many individual components from the traditional BI vendors. In the OLAP server market, Analysis Services, the OLAP and data mining part of SQL Server, has taken the lead in both seats and revenue in 2001.

    OLAP and data warehousing skills are becoming mainstream as measured by the number of new books and newsgroup activity on these topics; mostly around the Microsoft tools. Microsoft’s open architecture has encouraged many third party developers to create products which add value in innovative ways for a reasonable cost.

    First, we will review the Microsoft offering and its position in the BI market place, summarizing the architecture and functionality. Next we will look at several interesting add-on tools that flesh out the basic framework. For example, both Windows and Web based OLAP clients and a local cube builder. We’ll demo of the most interesting ones.


    About the Presenter

    Jim Porzak

    Jim is President of Information Interface Systems, Inc. (InfoIS) a small business intelligence consulting group in El Cerrito, CA. InfoIS specializes in delivering business intelligence benefits to mid-sized organizations using off-the-shelf tools. Before founding InfoIS over a decade ago, Jim was VP of Sales and Marketing at Bytel Corp. in Berkeley. Jim got hooked on computing in 1961 as an undergraduate in Physics at Wabash College. His initial focus was biomedical laboratory automation and signal analysis. Jim spent the 70’s and early 80’s in Europe developing, and eventually, marketing microcomputer based systems and software. Jim has focused on database and business intelligence solutions since returning to the States in the mid 80’s.


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