Bill Snow

Open Networking Labs
Vice President of Engineering

Bill Snow, Vice President of Engineering at Open Networking Labs

Bringing more than 25 years of experience in the software and information technology industries, Bill Snow has led engineering teams at numerous start-ups and as well as large, complex projects at companies like Nortel Networks, Cisco Systems, and IBM.

Prior to joining Open Networking Labs, Mr. Snow served as VP of Engineering and Operations for enterprise security startups including Cymtec Systems, Agari Data, the 41st Parameter, and Identity Engines, where he was responsible for hardware and software development, QA, manufacturing operations, data center operations, customer support, IT, and professional services.

Mr. Snow previously served as Director of Engineering at Cisco Systems where he was responsible for the routing and high availability features of the CRS-1. Prior, he served as Vice President of Engineering at Nortel Networks where he was responsible for the product development of the Centillion line of ATM LAN switches. He also served in multiple management roles for the group in IBM which brought the first TCP/IP and Internet products into the IBM pisions.

Mr. Snow brings an extensive, broad mix of business and technical knowledge in the development of networking and security products. He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. Bill also received a Master of Science in Electrical / Computer Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering Management, both from Stanford University.