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  • and Elements of Rich Client Applications using Swing


    First Half:

    Java Desktop Integration Components

    JDIC is a set of cross platform APIs that provides Java developers with features such as native browser embedding(Mozilla/IE), sending mail using the default desktop mail client, launching native viewers for applications, and system tray icons. JDIC is an open source project located at (


    Bino George, Staff Engineer, Java Desktop Client Team

    Bino George is an engineer on the Swing team in the Java desktop client group at Sun Microsystems. Bino currently works on the JDNC project and contributed the Tray API to the JDIC project. Previously Bino was the Tech-lead of the AWT team at Sun and re-wrote the X11 implementation of AWT. Prior to joining Sun, Bino worked in the JVM group in Hewlett Packard.


    Second Half:

    Elements of Rich Client Applications using Swing

    What makes a "rich client application"? There are many different characteristics of such applications, from the look and feel of the interface, to the way that client interacts with the underlying data, to effects used to make the application shine, to the performance that that application can achieve.

    This talk will examine several of these rich client elements and show how developers can use existing technologies in Swing and related projects to make their rich applications look good, perform well, and enable greater user productivity.


    Chet Haase, Senior Staff Engineer, Java Desktop Client Team

    Chet is an engineer on the Java 2D team in the Java desktop client group at Sun Microsystems, and is also the Lead Engineer on the next release of J2SE. His background is mostly in computer graphics, from the application level down to the drivers. His primary focus on the 2D team has been on hardware acceleration and functionality for the Windows platform. Check out his blogs and articles on graphics and performance at,, and the October and November issues of Java Developers Journal at


    Event Logistics


    Cubberly Community Center

    4000 Middlefield Road, Room H-1

    Palo Alto, CA 94105


    6:30-7:00 Doors open. Networking. Pizza.

    7:00-7:50 "Java Desktop Integration Components"

    7:50-8:10 Announcements. Break. Give-Aways.

    8:10-9:00 "Elements of Rich Client Applications using Swing"



    $15 at the door for non-SDForum members

    No charge for SDForum members

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    No registration required

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