Business Intelligence SIG: Machine Learning as a Service



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Hi How can I pre-register to the "Business Intelligence SIG: Machine Learning as a Service" Forum Eugenio

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Thank you for the great event. Very informative and engaging. I am wondering if the video recording of the evening has already been posted online or not. Thanks, Ziv Rosen


  • Note: There is NO COST to attend this particular event. However, we do require pre-registration. Thank you!

    SVForum, the Hive Big Data Think Tank, and the ACM Data Mining SIG present:

    "Machine Learning as a Service"

    -Andy Bartley,
    -David Gerster, BigML
    -Subutai Ahmad, Grok Solutions
    -Sashikanth Chandrasekaran, SnapAnalytx

    Moderator:  David Steier, Deloitte


    Wanting to use machine learning but the investment in people, time and software seems daunting? A new class of services is emerging built on machine learning platforms in the cloud., BigML, Grok, and SnapAnalytx are some of the pioneers in this space. Now it is possible to use these services to avoid having to do so much work from scratch. Founders and leaders of these companies will tell us what they are doing and will show us what they are offering. Come and learn which applications, industries, and use cases they are focusing on and which algorithms and technologies they employ. Learn how they are making machine learning easier. Be among the first to learn about new opportunities that are opening up. For example, marketplaces are being created in the cloud containing models resulting from machine learning. This will create opportunities for machine learning practitioners to make the results of their efforts widely available and to be rewarded for their efforts.



    6:30pm - 7:00pm - Registration & Networking

    7:00pm - 8:30pm - Presentation