• Web Services Conference Tuesday, May 24, 2005 - 09:00AM to 05:30PM
    Network Meeting Center
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Web Services Conference



  • Web Services: The Next Generation

    Kelvin Lawrence's Keynote presentation as a PDF

    Adam Bosworth's Keynote presentation as a PPT

    Gordon Simpson's Keynote presentation as a PPT

    The Big Picture

    The general notion of an XML-based web-services application has received widespread coverage over the past 5 five years. XML and web-services have definitely changed the way we think about software in the enterprise.

    However, along with change comes confusion. Today, engineering managers are faced with a bewildering array of choices. SOAP or REST? Relational or Xquery? SOA or RPC? What about BPEL? On the testing and operations side, there are equally hard questions. Building and deploying web services frequently requires changes in the way we think about applications and about availability.

    This year, at the fourth annual Web Services Expo, SDForum will attempt to answer these questions as we focus on "the web services stack in action."


    8:30-9:00am Registration/Continental Breakfast

    9:00-9:30am Keynote

    John Shewchuk, CTO Distributed Systems, Microsoft

    9:45-10:30am The State of the Service

    Jeff Barr, Web Services Evangelist, Amazon

    Miko Matsumura, VP Marketing, Infravio

    David Nielsen, Manager, PayPal Developer Network & Author

    Bret Taylor, Product Manager, Google Maps

    10:45-11:30am Workflow and Business Process

    Ash Parikh, Director of Development and Technology, Raining Data

    Jelle van Geuns, Director of Solutions Engineering, ILOG

    Edwin Khodabakchian, VP Product Development, Oracle

    Jeremy Westerman, Director Integration Product Management, BEA

    11:30-12:00pm Keynote

    Kelvin Lawrence,DE and CTO, Emerging Internet Software Standards, IBM

    12:00-12:45pm Lunch Provided by SAP

    Lunchtime speaker: Gordon Simpson, VP Applied Platform Technology, SAP

    12:45-1:30pm Why Standards Matter

    William Grosso, VP Engineering, Echopass

    Benji Jaski, Sforce Product Manager, Salesforce.com

    Jack Quinnell, CTO, Kenai Systems

    Adam Trachtenberg, Manager of Technical Evangelism, eBay

    Jeremy Zawodny, Technical Yahoo, Yahoo! Inc.

    1:45-2:30pm Keynote

    Tim Bray, Co-inventor of XML and Director of Web Technologies, Sun Microsystems

    2:45-3:30pm The Future: Management, Control and Optimization

    Larry Abrahams, Senior Vice President, Product Development and Engineering, Blue Titan

    Sean Fitts, Chief Architect, Amberpoint

    Steve Gillmor, Journalist, ZDNET

    Joelle Gropper Kaufman,VP Marketing, Reactivity

    3:45-4:30pm The Role of Data in SOA

    Sandeepan Banerjee, Director Product Mgmt, Oracle Server Technologies

    Alex Cheng, VP Engineering, Ipedo

    Frank Cohen, Founder, PushToTest and Author

    Nitin Mangtani, Senior Product Manager, Liquid Data Product Group, BEA

    Paul Pedersen, Co-Founder and CTO, MarkLogic

    4:45-5:30pm Keynote

    Adam Bosworth, Vice President Engineering, Google


    Platinum Sponsors


    google Microsoft

    Program Chairs:

    Shilpa Vora, Sr. Program Manager, Fiserv Imagesoft

    David Nielsen, Manager, PayPal Developer Network & Author

    Frank Cohen, Founder, PushtoTest and Author


    Event Logistics


    Network Meeting Center

    5201 Great America Parkway

    Santa Clara, CA 95054


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