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  • ...towards a service-oriented architecture for the Web.


    Michael Abbot, CTO and Executive VP - Electron Economy
    Steve Weikal, Agency Evangelist - Curl Corporation
    Brent Young, Technology Evangelist - Curl Corporation
    Representives from HP/Bluestone (speaker TBD)

    Win a Palm Pilot from Curl Corporation!


    Levi Plaza
    1155 Battery
    San Francisco, CA 94105


    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments
    7:00-9:00pm program


    $10 for non-SDForum Members
    No charge for SDForum members and students with ID

    Presentation Overview

    Michael Abbot, co-chair of the XML SIG, EVP and CTO of Electron Economy, and board member for several private technology companies, conducts the technical due diligence for several top-tier venture capital groups that are evaluating business plans in the Web services space. He will open the panel discussion with an overview of Web Services including trends, opportunities and popular misconceptions.

    Curl will discuss their new client-side solution for utilizing Web Services and XML in general. The advantages are numerous, including faster response and access to highly complex functions and applications through a Web browser. They were able to build an executive information system for Siemens in just 302 hours which allows top execs to view complex financial charts and graphs on the fly, through a web browser, regardless of bandwidth constraints. Extremely rapid development time with very compact source code.

    Representatives from Hewlett Packard's Middleware division which includes HP's new Web Services Operation will discuss what their plans are for providing a Web Services infrastructure, their support of emerging standards such as SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL, and how they plan to support ISVs, SIs and corporate IT managers to build their Web Service solutions. Reliable messaging, end-to-end security, transaction support, and business orchestration will also be discussed.

    Speaker Profile

    Michael Abbott

    Michael Abbott provides the technical vision for Electron Economy in addition to holding advisor and board of director seats for several private companies. As director of Java solutions in the E-Commerce Practice at USWeb/CKS, Abbott set the technical vision for the practice. As managing architect of the E-Commerce Practice at USWeb/CKS, he also led the design and implementation of multi-million dollar engagements and initiated important strategic alliances with leading technology partners to give clients Java-based e-commerce solutions. Abbott has designed and implemented e-commerce projects utilizing CORBA/Java and COM/Active-X for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and developed end-to-end supply chain management applications for telecommunications. Before joining USWeb/CKS, Abbott co-founded the Bioinformatics Division of GeneTrace Systems and developed the Java algorithms currently in use for genetic comparisons as well as several workflow automation applications that have enabled GeneTrace to increase sample throughput by a thousand fold per day. Abbot co-chairs the XML SIG for SDForum, is widely respected in the industry for his XML expertise, and has been published in several peer-reviewed journals.

    Steve Weikal

    Steve Weikal is responsible for building the network of Curl developers at agencies, integrators and consultancies in addition to also driving Curl marketing events, and overseeing Curl¹s participation in conferences and trade shows. Previously, he was a senior producer at Forrester Research, where he successfully managed a number of Forrester¹s executive strategy conferences in North America. Prior to Forrester, he was conference director for Automotive News and Automotive News Europe, the leading trade publications for the global automotive industry. He holds a B.A. in economics from Michigan State University, and was a Rotary Foundation Scholar in the Graduate Management Program at the University of Adelaide, South Australia.

    Brent Young

    Brent Young is a Software Technologist for Curl. He has developed numerous Curl applications, an XML parser, helped establish the company¹s San Francisco office, and provided strategic counsel concerning architectural decisions of the Curl Content Language and platform. Previously, Brent worked at ShoppingList.com, where he was one of three programmers responsible for developing the Web site. He was responsible for both front-end (HTML, JS, CSS) and back-end (Java, Perl) development, with an emphasis on the organization and implementation of Oracle 8i databases. Brent holds both a Masters of Engineering and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Computer Science from Cornell University. He is the main editor of the Curl directory in the Open Directory Project and is a member of the Software Development Forum.