• WS SIG (SV): What is RSS? Tuesday, February 24, 2004 - 07:00PM
    Microsoft Main Campus
    1065 La Avenida, Bldg. 1
    Mountain View, CA
    Web Apps & E-Commerce

WS SIG (SV): What is RSS?



  • Monthly Meeting of the Silicon Valley Web Services SIG



    Chris Pirillo, Head Geek and Founder, Lockergnome

    Thomas Gieselmann - General Partner at BV Capital in San Francisco.

    Kevin Burton, Project Founder and Primary Developer – NewsMonster.org.


    Presentation 1: Email Newsletters are Dead, Long Live RSS

    Presented by: Chris Pirillo, Founder and Head Geek - Lockergnome.com.

    Chris will give an overview of RSS and how it will change email marketing as well as explain how various RSS products work and share his insights as to where this new content delivery mechanism is headed.


    Presentation 2: RSS: The Next VC's Darling?

    Presented by: Thomas Gieselmann – General Partner – BV Capital.

    Rapidly growing audiences inevitably attract the VC community's attention, and while 2003 was dominated by the (re-)emergence of social software, we may see RSS become the new darling for 2004. RSS is fundamentally nothing more than an enabling technology for moving content efficiently and we have yet to see any long-term sustainable business models emerge. Tom will illuminate the impact of RSS as users move from browsers to channels and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing companies as they try to create shareholder value leveraging this emerging technology.


    Presentation 3: Developing Web Services with RSS and ATOM

    Presented by: Kevin Burton – Project Founder and Primary Developer – NewsMonster.org.

    Content syndication with RSS and Atom is becoming more mainstream. More and more software is designed for RSS which means a larger audience for web services developers. We discuss the history of RSS, advantages of various formats, and build a web service for the syndication of events. We also introduce a new Jakarta API named FeedParser which is currently in development. Jakarta FeedParser provides a simple API for handling RSS, Atom, OPML, and FOAF files.


    About the Presenters

    Chris Pirillo

    From Los Angeles, California comes the Internet phenomenon known as Lockergnome (pronounced lah-ker-nohm). The geek among geeks: technologist,television host, magazine columnist, blogger, author, and entrepreneur. In short, he's a technology renaissance man for the 21st century. Chris is the founder and publisher of LockerGnome.com, a technology Web site and content publishing company with over 350,000 subscribers worldwide. Formerly the host of an internationally-broadcast live daily show on personal computing, he is one of the Internet's best known and respected speakers on technology topics ranging from Windows software to RSS. Every month, his column can be read in Computer Power User Magazine, and Chris recently authored Online! The Book (ISBN: 0131423630) with John C. Dvorak.


    Thomas Gieselmann

    Thomas is a General Partner at BV Capital in San Francisco and has been actively involved with the Internet from its very beginning on both the content distribution and the technology side. In the mid-nineties he was at AOL Germany where he was responsible for aol.de and several content channels on the proprietary AOL service. His previous work experience includes VideoTel, the first Multimedia Online Service in Germany and Ogilvy & Mather in Paris, France. At BV Capital, Thomas focuses on Internet and security-related investments. He serves on the board of is3 and rendition networks. Thomas holds a BA in Economics and Business Administration from Rhodes College.


    Kevin Burton

    Kevin Burton is a long-standing contributor within the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and Open Source community with concentration on distributed systems, Java, XML, object oriented design, performance analysis, scalability design, and security engineering. Kevin has DirectionsNewsMonster, Reptile, Jetspeed, Alexandria and also co-founded the Apache Turbine project. All have been very successful, with Jetspeed attracting involvement from companies such as IBM, SAP, and NEC and Turbine now driving some of the most complex applications on Internet.


    Event Logistics


    Microsoft Main Campus

    1065 La Avenida, Bldg. 1

    Mountain View, CA



    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments/pizza

    7:00-9:00pm presentations and discussion



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