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  • Building interoperable component based interactive applications using web services standards.


    Krishna Vedati, C.T.O - Covigo Inc.
    Kelvin Chong, Technical Architect - Covigo Inc.
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    [DEMO: Web Services Interaction]
    At our last meeting, Doron Sherman's demo was cut short due to time restraints. We have invited Doron to come back and demonstrate Collaxa's powerful software solution for building and monitoring collaborative business transactions.
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    Presentation Overview

    Web Services Interaction Platform

    Web services and portals are two of the latest IT buzzwords. There is a natural affinity between these two technologies, since both are key elements of the distributed web computing vision.

    A web service is being touted as the lightweight integration platform, and there is considerable enthusiasm about the benefits it can bring. However, there is more to web services than just integration: it can be a powerful technology to develop platform-independent, distributed, collaborative, and independent applications. Standards such as WSDL, BPEL4WS, WSIA, WSCI, WSUI and WSRP are rapidly evolving to make this a reality. Like web services, portals are rapidly becoming a crucial part of the IT landscape, as they can be used to aggregate content and provide interactive applications, etc. Yet there are a number of limitations with today's portal servers, including a lack of interoperability, inability to create platform-neutral applications, inability to re-use applications, lack of application syndication, and lack of composite applications. In this presentation, we will discuss web services in the context of a portal infrastructure.


    • What does the web services-based interactive application stack look like?
    • What standards such as WSDL, BPEL4WS, WSIA, WSCI, WSUI and WSRP are being developed, and for which layers (Business Logic, Integration, Presentation, Access etc.)? What do these standards do?
    • How will evolving web services standards address the limitations of today's portal servers?
    • What does it take to build platform-independent (.NET or J2EE), interactive, multi-channel (web, wireless, voice) web/portal applications using the emerging web services standards?

    Event Logistics


    Microsoft Main Campus
    1065 La Avenida, Bldg. 1
    Mountain View, CA


    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments/pizza
    7:00-9:00pm presentation and discussion
    (Pizza and sodas are provided courtesy of ExecuStaff


    $15 for non-SDForum Members
    No charge for SDForum members, affiliates, and students with ID
    No registration required

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