Sun<sup>[tm]</sup>ONE: Open Net Environment, Web & App Server



  • Learn first-hand about SunONE Application Server 7, Standard Edition, and how it provides e-commerce developers with a J2EE certified platform.


    This event is sold out. If you would like to get on the waiting list, please send an email to with your name, company and phone number. We will contact you the afternoon of Tue Aug 13 if space becomes available.

    Sponsored by Sun Microsystems

    This just in... 40 free copies of the Sun ONE Starter Kit will be given out at the conclusion of the briefing!


    Inyoung ChoTechnology Evangelist, Sun

    Come learn more about the Sun[tm]ONE: Open Net Environment. Whether you're building traditional software applications or Web-based applications, Sun[tm] ONE will help you build and deploy Services on Demand.

    Don't miss this opportunity to hear first-hand about the underlying architecture and platform of Sun ONE. This presentation will focus on the Application Server 7 SE and how it provides e-commerce developers with a J2EE certified platform including:

    • JavaServer Pages[tm] (JSP[tm])
    • Java Servlet
    • Enterprise JavaBeans[tm] (EJB[tm]) technology support
    • Integrated transaction monitor for managing distributed transactions

    Event Logistics


    SDForum Center

    111 W. Saint John, Suite 200

    San Jose, CA 95113


    8:30-9:00am Registration/Networking/Continental breakfast
    9:00-10:00am Briefing on Sun[tm]ONE: Open Net Environment, Web & App Server
    10:00-10:30am Q&A


    Cost (Continental breakfast included)