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    SDForum Semantic Web SIG Event

    Topic: Weaving the Web of Data
    In the beginning it was a Web of documents. These Web pages were simple and powerful. Static, yet capable of shrinking even the furthest distances. The static Web of pages yielded to a more dynamic Web of content, and Web 2.0 style content controlled by the collective mind of the masses. But today the Web is still predominantly a Web of documents. Will the Semantic Web and other linked data languages transform the WWW into a world-wide web of data, not just pages? Will Web mashups of the future become miscellaneous bits of data easily collected from far off places? In this SDForum interactive presentation we will explore these questions and more!

    Join us for two unique presentations. First we will explore how you can make use of Metaweb’s Freebase free web database technology for hosting your own content, posting stuff, or making mash-ups of other people’s content. Second, our presenter from TopQuadrant will provide an instructional “how-to” for getting started with RDF and just a little bit of OWL – these two Semantic Web languages are a foundational part of the emerging data web since they were designed from the ground-up to be web-based data languages.  Finally, we’ll tie things together with a joint question-answer session where both speakers respond to the SD Forum audience to help everybody stay on the same page.

    Our expert guests include Jamie Taylor, Minister of Information from Metaweb Technologies and Dean Allemang, Chief Scientist from TopQuadrant. AJ Chen from Healthline and Jeff Pollock from Oracle will moderate this event.

    -Dr. Jamie Taylor, Minister of Information, Metaweb Technologies

    -Dean Allemang, Chief Scientist, TopQuadrant

    Jamie Taylor is the Minister of Information at Metaweb Technologies, where he tends to Data Gardening and Community Building. His interest in large scale, non-relational data stores grew while managing Enterprise Software projects which used Dynamic Object patterns in his role as CTO and VP Engineering at DETERMINE Software (now a part of Selectica.) He was the founder of one of San Francisco's first ISP's and has a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Behavioral Economics.

    Dean Allemang is the Chief Scientist at TopQuadrant Inc., a company specializing in products, training and services based on Semantic Web technologies. As the lead instructor for TopQuadrant's Semantic Web training courses, he has come into contact with a wide variety of viewpoints about the Semantic Web. In his speaking and writing, he tries to cut through the hype to present a coherent picture of how the Semantic Web can provide value to business. He holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the Ohio State University and Masters in Pure Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. Along with Jim Hendler, he is co-author of "Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist".

    Moderator Bios:

    AJ Chen, Ph.D., Technical Architect, Healthline Networks
    Dr. Chen is an advocate of semantic web and digital health. As a Technical Architect at Healthline, he applies semantic search approach in developing healthcare search engine for consumers. Working with open communities including SDForum Semantic Web SIG and W3C’s Semantic Web HCLS Group, he is also exploring new approaches for sharing semantic data openly on the web. From 2000 to 2006, Dr. Chen had been developing new genome sequencing technologies for personalized medicine, playing technical and product management roles at Hyseq, Callida Genomics, and Complete Genomics.  Previously, Dr. Chen worked with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Barry Marshall to commercialize new treatments and diagnostics in China. Dr. Chen earned his Ph. D. in Biochemistry from U. of Utah and did postdoctoral research after joining Harvard Medical School and Duke Medical School.

    Jeffrey Pollock, Senior Director, Oracle Fusion Middleware
    Mr. Pollock is a technology leader and author of the enterprise software book "Adaptive Information" (John Wiley & Sons 2004). Currently a Senior Director with Oracle’s Fusion Middleware group, Mr. Pollock was formerly an independent consultant for the Defense Department, Vice President of Technology at Cerebra and Chief Technology Officer of Modulant, developing semantic middleware platforms and inference-driven SOA platforms from 2001 to 2006. Throughout his career, he has architected, designed, and built application server/middleware solutions for Fortune 500 and US Government clients. Prior to Modulant, Mr. Pollock was a Principal Engineer with Modem Media and Senior Architect with Ernst & Young’s Center for Technology Enablement. He is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences, author for industry journals, active member of W3C and OASIS, and formerly an engineering instructor with University of California at Berkeley’s Extension on the subjects of object-oriented systems, software development process and enterprise systems architecture.



    6:30pm  - 7:00pm   Registration / Networking / Refreshments / Pizza

    7:00pm – 7:10pm   Introduction / Community announcement

    7:10pm  -  7:50pm  Metaweb & Freebase – enabling the data web

    7:50pm  -  8:30pm  Tutorial: Semantic Web standard RDF/RDFS and tools

    8:30pm  -  9:00pm(+)  Dedicated Q&A period


    Cubberley Community Center
    4000 Middlefield Rd. Room H-1
    Palo Alto, CA



    $15 at the door for non-SDForum members
    No charge for SDForum members
    No registration required

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