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    Presentation Overview

    Scalable Web Architectures - Common Patterns & Approaches

    Everyone's doing it - the poster children for "web 2.0" are built on top of the LAMP stack. The next generation of web based applications are built with free tools, with few people understanding the best way to scale these applications out. But patterns emerged very early on - all of these applications share some common architectural principles which seem to be working. In this brief state-of-the-world, we'll look at the various approaches to scalable internet application architectures and what we can learn from them.



    Cal Henderson

    Cal Henderson has been a web applications developer for far too long and should really start looking for a serious job.

    Originally from England, he currently works at Yahoo! Inc. in Sunnyvale, California, as the engineering manager for the photosharing service Flickr. Before working at Flickr, Cal was the technical director of special web projects at Emap, a UK media company. By night, he works for several web sites and communities, including the creative community B3TA and his personal site, In his spare time, he writes Windows software, develops web publishing tools, and writes occasional articles about web application development and security. In 2006 Cal wrote "Building Scalable Websites", published by O'Reilly Media Inc.


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