Visionary Awards

The next Visionary Awards will take place in June of 2014. Stay tuned for more details!

The SVForum Visionary Awards

Each year, SVForum honors industry leaders who have pioneered innovation and fostered the spirit of entrepreneurship.

These visionaries and distinguished business leaders continue to shape Silicon Valley.

Updates from the June 26, 2013 Visionary Awards Event


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2013 Visionary Honorees:

Photos courtesy of DJ Cline,



Past recipients of the SVForum Visionary Award have included:

Marc Andreessen
Craig R. Barrett
Carol Bartz
Forest Baskett
Andy Bechtolsheim
Eric Benhamou
Marc Benioff
Grady Booch
John Seely Brown
Nolan Bushnell
Kaye Caldwell
Edwin Catmull
Vinton Cerf
John Chambers
JoMei Chang
Alfred Chuang
James Clark
Ron Conway
Scott Cook
Alan Cooper
John Doerr
Donna Dubinsky
William H. Draper III
Esther Dyson
Kamran Elahian
Doug Engelbart

Judy Estrin
Carly Fiorina
Bill Gates
Charles Geschke
Louis Gerstner, Jr.
James Gosling
Diane Greene
Promod Haque
Reed Hastings
Dr. Hermann Hauser
Jeff Hawkins
Trip Hawkins
John Hennessy
Reid Hoffman
Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs
Guy Kawasaki
Gerald Kearby
Vinod Khosla
Steve Kirsch
Kay Koplovitz
Dick Kramlich
Sandra Kurtzig
Steven Levy
Scott McNealy
Robert Metcalfe
Craig O. McCaw

Gordon Moore
Michael Mortiz
Walter S. Mossberg
Catherine Muther
Nathan Myhrvold
Pierre Omidyar
Ray Ozzie
Arthur Patterson
Tom Proulx
Sandy Robertson
Arthur Rock
T.J. Rodgers
Heidi Roizen
Alain Rossman
Brent Schlender
Terry Semel
Chris Shipley
Jeff Skoll
Larry Sonsini
Jimmy Treybig
Guy L. "Bud" Tribble
John Warnock
Ann Winblad
Steve Wozniak
Jerry Yang

From the Recipients:

"Thank you very much to SVForum for this wonderful  acknowledgement."

 Kay Koplovitz

"I appreciate all those at SVForum who decided to give me this award"  
 Jim Clark

"Vision is about how many times you go to bat. Thank you SVForum."
Vinod Khosla

"It is so nice of SVForum to present this award. The most important thing is to set an example for the future."
Judy Estrin