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  • An Evening with El Dorado

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    Presentation Overview

    Ever wonder why your friend's company just raised their Series A while you keep pounding the Sand Hill Road pavement? Ever read through the morning Venture Wire in amazement at some of the crazy ideas getting funded? Ever wonder why the VC's just don't "get it"?

    If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this month's Venture Finance SIG is the place for you. Come hear Jim Fowler, founder and CEO of Jigsaw, share his pitch that received $750,000 in Series A funding from El Dorado Ventures and angels in December, 2003. Learn why El Dorado invested at the seed stage and how they helped Jim and his management team build value and raise a $5 million Series B from Norwest and El Dorado less than a year later.

    All interested entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity to see how their pitch stacks up against Jim's and give an elevator pitch to the panel. Please send a one paragraph summary to [email protected].



    - Scott Irwin, General Partner, El Dorado Ventures
    - Charles Beeler, General Partner, El Dorado Ventures
    - Paul McNamara, EIR, El Dorado Ventures
    - Jim Fowler, CEO and co-founder; Jigsaw


    - Steve Bennet, Managing Director, Bodega Partners

    El Dorado Ventures

    Founded in 1986, El Dorado Ventures (EDV) is a leading early-stage venture capital firm that invests across the technology sector and focuses primarily on semiconductors and systems, communications, software and services. El Dorado has a 19-year track record of successful early-stage technology investing, including early investments in Cyras Systems, EarthLink, Efficient Networks, Novellus and NuSpeed Internet Systems. Numerous EDV portfolio companies have gone public or been acquired by major technology companies, including Ciena, Cisco Systems, nVidia, Siemens and Texas Instruments. EDV is currently investing EDV VII, a $200 million fund that will be invested in approximately 20 new ventures over the next three years.


    Jigsaw is an online business contact marketplace where marketers, recruiters, and sales people can buy, sell and trade business contact information. The Jigsaw marketplace offers members access to an online database of fresh and accurate corporate contact information and increases efficiency by shortening the time required to find valuable business contacts. A Web-based subscription service, Jigsaw works on a Pay or Play model. Members are given the option to pay $25 per month to join the service, or play, which requires members to add 25 new contacts every month to maintain their subscription. Jigsaw points are the currency of the marketplace. Members earn points by entering new contacts, updating existing contacts, and/or referring members to Jigsaw. Earned Jigsaw points can be used to buy desired contact data or sold to other members who need them to buy their own contacts. The continuous data contributions made by the Jigsaw community provide collaborative oversight to ensure the accuracy and growth of the Jigsaw marketplace. Jigsaw was founded by veteran sales executives, Jim Fowler and Garth Moulton, and principal engineer Peng-Chong Sien. The company is located in San Mateo, California and is funded by El Dorado Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners.

    Scott Irwin, General Partner

    Scott Irwin joined El Dorado Ventures in 2000. He focuses on enterprise software and infrastructure investments. At El Dorado, he has been actively involved with EDV investments including Nextance, TriActive, Sana Security, MediaQ (acquired by nVidia) and Torrex (acquired by Applied Materials). Prior to El Dorado, Scott held software engineering and product management positions with Accenture, where he developed and managed enterprise software products targeting the energy industry. While at Accenture, Scott co-authored the firm's guide to Internet technologies in 1998, which was distributed to all Accenture's 65,000 employees worldwide. Scott also managed relationships with several venture-backed startups including application server companies such as Kiva/Netscape, NetDynamics/Sun, WebLogic/BEA; middleware companies such as IONA and Visigenic; content management companies including Vignette and Broadvision; as well as leading IDE vendors. His early career experience was with the communications systems division of Rockwell International, later acquired by Alcatel. Scott received a Bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, where he was a Venture Fellow and Welsh Scholar.

    Charles Beeler, General Partner

    Charles Beeler is an accomplished venture capital investor who focuses on opportunities in the communications and enterprise software sectors. Prior to joining EDV in 1999, Charles served as an investment manager for Piper Jaffray Ventures Technology Funds, where he helped lead that firm's venture capital investment efforts. He also worked for Piper Jaffray Inc. as an investment analyst, evaluating private equity transactions in the technology sector. Charles gained early venture capital experience at Scripps Ventures, where he helped design and implement an early-stage investment strategy for a newly formed $50 million fund. Charles received a Bachelor's degree in economics from Colby College and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.

    Paul McNamara, Entrepreneur in Residence

    Paul McNamara is an entrepreneur-in-residence with El Dorado Ventures. He joined El Dorado in 2005 and is charged with seeking new investment opportunities in the high-performance computing, enterprise software, open source and digital media sectors. Prior to joining El Dorado, Paul worked at Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI), where he most recently served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of SGI's Visual Systems Group, responsible for engineering, marketing and general business management of SGI's workstations, graphics servers and graphics software product lines. He joined SGI in 2001 as Vice President for Open Source. McNamara has more than 20 years of experience in the computer industry. Prior to joining SGI, Paul was vice president of business development for Red Hat, Inc. He joined Red Hat in 1998 and was a key figure in Red Hat's rise to prominence in the computer industry. At Red Hat, McNamara was responsible for structuring the company's industry-shaping relationships with Intel, IBM, Dell, Compaq, Oracle and others; for developing Red Hat's unique business model; and, as a member of the executive team and officer of the company, for guiding the company through its highly successful IPO. Prior to joining Red Hat, McNamara was president and chief operating officer of Asset Management Technologies (AMT), a software company he founded in 1994 that was ultimately acquired by Pinkerton. Prior to AMT, McNamara held a series of management positions at IBM. McNamara earned his B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Drexel University in 1984.

    Jim Fowler, CEO and Co-founder

    A veteran sales executive, Jim has spent the last 12 years selling marketing and collaboration software. Jim co-founded Jigsaw after having served as vice president of sales at Digital Impact (DIGI), Paramark and TightLink where he was responsible for building the sales departments from the ground up and implementing key sales strategies and processes. Jim also held sales management positions at Personify and NetGravity, where he received company recognition for his outstanding performance. Prior to his career in software sales, Jim was owner and operator of Lookout Pass, a ski resort in Idaho, and served in the US Navy as a Diving and Salvage Officer. Jim is a graduate of the University of Colorado.

    Steve is founder and managing director of Bodega Partners

    Steve is founder and managing director of Bodega Partners, a venture catalyst and management consulting firm, which aids early-stage companies in strategic planning, business development, and interim management. In the past ten years with Bodega, he has helped over 75 companies meet their strategic and financing goals. He has taken the CFO role in over a dozen of these companies, including iControl Networks, Orbital Data, Valchemy, CSE Systems, Empart Technologies,, GolfWeb, Tribeworks, and Biological Components Corporation. Prior to and concurrent with Bodega, Steve was a Venture Partner at Outlook Ventures, an instructor at U.C. Berkeley (teaching an extension course he designed, "Financing the Software Venture"), and held various positions in software product marketing and corporate finance at Bay Logics, Digital Microwave, and Arthur Anderson. Steve is currently co-chair of the Venture Finance SIG at the Software Development Forum. Steve earned an undergraduate degree in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA. He is also a licensed CPA.


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