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    Gary Kremen, Serial Entrepreneur and Private Investor, Kremen


    Presentation Overview

    Gary Kremen will share his experiences in a no holds barred look at raising money and how to protect your interests when taking outside capital (angel, venture or corporate). Gary has been founder of three and investor in over 50 start-ups and is a limited partner in a number of venture funds. He is also currently raising a fund to acquire interests in venture funds from defaulting limited partners.

    Gary will talk about these and other issues:

    • When you should and shouldn't be looking for outside capital
    • Alternative methods of financing
    • The right time to evaluate exit strategies
    • Traps to look for in your relationship with your VC
    • Why limited partners are bailing out of certain venture funds


    About the Presenter

    Gary Kremen has over fifteen years experience with emerging growth companies and developing information technology. He is currently the President and CEO of Grant Media Management Inc., the managing member of Grant Media LLC. Grant Media, LLC is a highly profitable internet traffic distributor owning numerous websites.

    Gary has also recently gotten a deep education in intellectual property law through his legal fight over the ownership of a popular domain name. He registered the domain at the same time as match.com in 1994 and it was subsequently stolen from him by a convicted felon with the assistance of a domain registrar. In late 2000, he was awarded the domain name back along with a $65 million judgment from the con man who stole it from him and is currently involved in appeals with Network Solutions.

    Previously, Gary was President of NetAngels.Com, Inc., a 40 person company (with 20 contractors in Krakow, Poland) solely focused on Internet profiling and personalization. As co-founder of NetAngels.Com, he hired the management team, focused the product vision, and created the distribution strategy. The company merged with Firefly Network, Inc. (Agents, Inc.) in late 1996, the company's largest competitor, which was later merged with Microsoft. From 1993 through March 1996 Gary founded and was Chairman of the Board of Electric Classifieds, Inc. / Match.Com, the leading on-line classifieds advertising technology outsourcing company and perhaps one of the most widely accessed 'community' on the Internet. Gary founded the firm after identifying opportunities for on-line personals service, now branded Match.Com. He wrote the company business plan, then raised $1.3 million from venture capitalists and private investors, and later assisted in raising $7.5 million from leading corporate partners, such as Softbank, The Well and Intel, and venture capitalists, such as Canaan Venture Partners, Weiss Peck & Greer and Charter Venture Capital. Match.Com was eventually sold to Ticketmaster / Citysearch for $50 million.

    Gary was principal founder of Los Altos Technologies, Inc. (LAT), a leader in UNIX security. At LAT, Gary was responsible for marketing, business development, and finance. The company created the first anti-virus product for UNIX as well as a only government approved data deletion product for classified data. Earlier in Gary's career, he was a member of the technical staff at The Aerospace Corporation, where he worked as a software engineer in the areas of computer security and software metrics.

    Gary's education includes an M.B.A. from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University. Gary is a frequent speaker on on-line marketing, business development, and capital raising for emerging growth companies. He is the primary inventor of the seminal US patent for creating Internet web pages dynamically, patent #5706434, and is ranked in the Top 100 Internet Entrepreneurs according to MicroTimes Magazine. Gary has invested in over 50 private companies of which several have either gone public or have had liquidity events including subsequent and first round investments in Interwoven, Resonate, Mediaplex, Tut as well as numerous venture funds and hedge funds.


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    Mountain View, CA


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    ** Latecomers who arrive after 7:20pm will not be admitted to avoid disruption of the session.


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