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    About the Presentation:

    A famous Harvard Business Review article published in 1979 reported that mentored executives earned more money at a younger age, were better educated, were more likely to follow initial career goals, and had higher career satisfaction.

    So how do you find a mentor who can help you make your start-up successful? What do you look for? What are the potential risks? And what's the process for making a mentoring relationship a sustainable, mutually beneficial long-term good?

    We're delighted to present Ben Casnocha (, the founder of Comcate, and the author of the new bestseller, "My Start-Up Life" ( Still just 19 years old, Ben has been the master of mentorship, developing close bonds with Silicon Valley legends like Marc Benioff and Heidi Roizen.

    Ben will share his perspectives on mentorship and its impact on his career, and provide concrete advice on how to use mentorship to your advantage.




    Building D

    Southern Cross Room

    3410 Hillview Avenue

    Palo Alto, CA 94304


    6:30pm-7:00pm - registration

    7:00pm-8:30pm - presentation



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