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  • 25-minute appointments with Christopher Hadsell, Partner, and Christian Borcher, Associate, with Cardinal Venture Capital

    * Sorry, the deadline to apply for this session is now closed. Appointments are no longer available.

    How to apply:

    Submit your company's 3-page executive summary. Please see Application Process for more information and what to include in your executive summary. Open to SDForum Members only.

    VC One-on-Ones give your company the face-time it needs to pitch for funding and make a valuable connection in the investor community. Christopher J. Hadsell, (bio), and Christian Borcher, (bio), of Cardinal Venture Capital will be available to members of SDForum for private 25 minute one-on-one sessions. This is just the introduction you've been waiting for!

    Cardinal Venture Capital provides venture financing to early-stage technology companies. As a funding source, Cardinal Venture Capital fills the financing gap between angel investors and larger venture funds. We invest between $500,000 and $3 million initially, and typically co-invest with partners -- including seed, early and late-stage funds, and corporate investors. We always reserve funds for future rounds. Cardinal Venture Capital specializes in three market areas -- wireless communications, Internet infrastructure and enterprise software.

    AnchorChristopher J. Hadsell, Partner
    Chris Hadsell is responsible for fundraising, investment strategy and financial decisions as well as working with portfolio companies at the advisory and board level.

    Prior to joining Cardinal Venture Capital, Chris was chief financial officer for Benchmark Capital funds I, II and III. In addition to handling all financial aspects of Benchmark, such as treasury, finance, accounting, budgeting and tax, Chris was also responsible for Benchmark operational aspects, such as MIS, legal, personnel and Web site management. Chris' venture capital experience also includes positions as Associate and CFO at Alpha Partners.


    AnchorChristian Borcher, Associate
    Christian Borcher focuses on investment strategy, deal-sourcing, evaluation and diligence. In addition, he works closely with portfolio companies on fundraising, strategy and planning.

    Prior to joining Cardinal Venture Capital, Christian was a lawyer with Scandinavia's largest law firm Bech-Bruun Dragsted.

    Christian received his MBA from Stanford Business School, and his Summa Cum Laude Masters and Bachelor of Law Degrees from Copenhagen University.


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