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VC 1on1: Panasonic Ventures



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    Panasonic Ventures

    Panasonic Ventures is the direct investment operation of Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd. for seed and late stage technology companies. Panasonic Ventures invests in emerging technologies, best-of-breed business processes and value-added software services and applications that connect electronic devices to each other and to the Internet. The current technology focus is digital television, home networking, wireless technologies, Internet and e-commerce. Panasonic Ventures works with early stage companies through an incubation model. With offices in Cupertino and San Francisco, the Panasonic Internet Incubator provides entrepreneurs with access to resources and a network of seasoned professionals in order to accelerate their growth. Most importantly, Panasonic Ventures offers the opportunity to develop strong relationships with its parent company, Matsushita Electric. More than a worldwide leader in consumer electronics, Matsushita Electric is a $69 billion technology company that sells a diverse product line including semiconductors, mobile communication equipment, optical disks, and hard disk drives, to name a few. Matsushita products are sold in more than 170 countries worldwide, under these recognized brand names: Panasonic, Quasar, Technics, and National. For more information, go to http://www.vc.pansonic.com.


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