VC One-on-One Coaching with Gamiel Gran





    VC One-on-One Coaching with Gamiel Gran

    Overview This is a unique series where you can have individual meetings with a top venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. These meetings are designed to help founders and CEO’s of early stage companies identify partnerships, obtain industry insight and perspective, and exchange relevant ideas and contacts.

    These 30 minutes 1 on 1 sessions are not to be perceived as a funding exercise, but more of a discussion session that promises to be good use of an entrepreneur’s time.

    If you are an entrepreneur or a CEO of an early stage company, please submit a one page summary of your business for selection.

    To sign up, please email Julie Welch

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    Gamiel Gran is Vice President of Business Development and leads the Business Development strategy for the Firm. His role includes the development of external advisory boards such as the Sierra Ventures CIO Advisory Board, and the development of partnerships with services providers such as Angel investors, recruiters, Venture Banking, and law firms. Gamiel is also responsible for the Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Incubation program. At Sierra Ventures, he is focused on enterprise software, infrastructure software, consumer internet and open source investments.

    Gamiel has more than 20 years of operational roles leading Business Development, Alliances and Channels for companies such as IBM, Oracle, BEA, Asera, Edify and Cassatt. Prior to joining Sierra in 2008, Gamiel was VP Global Channels/Business Development at Cassatt Corp., VP Global Channel Sales at Edify, VP Strategic Alliances at BEA, and VP Business Development at Asera. He also spent four years at Oracle in Channel Sales and ten years at IBM in Business Development and Sales. During his career, Gamiel has been recognized for successfully establishing strategic relationships and launching channels and indirect sales models publications such as VAR Business and CRN have captured these skills with various industry awards.


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