RFID SIG: Michael Mealing, CEO of Refactored Networks



  • co-Founder at RadioActiveHQ (open source RFID)



    Historically supply chain management solutions of the past have been derived from "big iron" implementations of large, existing ERP systems which assumed a point to point data exchange system as merely an add-on service. Many still assume the connections are over leased lines and view the Internet as merely another dumb pipe.

    The development of RFID technologies and the desire for the dynamic supply chain visibility it can provide has caused a realization that the old way of doing things simply can't cope with the new data rates and granularities.

    This has spawned the effort to deply the EPCglobal Network. Based on proven Internet technologies such as XML, Web Services, and DNS, it is an attempt to bring the dynamism and openness of the Internet to how supply chain management is done.

    But there is one key ingredient missing. The Internet would not be the force it is today without the Open Source Software that is used to make it run and to to exchange the software and ideas that continually improve it. This presentation will examine the current state of Open Source RFID applications, the organizations behind them, and the IP pitfalls that may hamper future deployment issues.

    The talk will conclude with an open discussion and Q&A session where Michael and the SIG Co-Chairs will answer key questions related to RFID open source and the market opportunity for RFID software.



    Michael Mealling, CEO of Refactored Networks and co-Founder at RadioActiveHQ (open source RFID)

    Michael Mealling has spent the past 14 years developing and deploying Internet scale infrastructure as part of VeriSign's R&D team and as a participant in several IETF working groups. For the past 2 years he has been the architecture lead on VeriSign's EPC Network Services team, the EPCglobal ONS Working Group Chair, and regular participant in the EPC-IS Working Group.

    He is currently the CEO of Refactored Networks where he is attempting to bring the benefits of the RFID enabled supply chain to the small business person. The fact that the EPCglobal Network utilizes Internet technologies instead of the typical EDI derived technologies creates supply chain management solutions that are affordable for everyone, not just the Fortune 1000.

    Michael is also the VP for Business Development at Masten Space Systems, a Santa Clara based VTOL rocket company that will be offering suborbital launch services in mid-2007.


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