• Legal 1on1: White & Lee LLP Friday, June 15, 2001 - 09:00AM
    SDForum Center
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Legal 1on1: White & Lee LLP



  • 50-minute appointments with Fred Hasani, Associate

    Legal One on Ones provide an opportunity to meet with qualified start-up attorneys and receive council on your company's legal needs. Get help with issues pertaining to intellectual property, type of entity and more. Legal One on Ones also provide a good opportunity to find the right law firm for your business.

    Appointments are available to SDForum members. Please call Julie at 408/494-8311 for an appointment or send your request to julie@sdforum.org. See below for more details on this session.

    Fred Hasani, Associate
    Fred Hasani is a corporate attorney practicing in the general areas of corporate, commercial, intellectual property and securities law. Fred also works closely with clients in the development of their business plans and financing strategy.

    Prior to joining White & Lee LLP, Fred worked as a sales associate within the Sales & Marketing division of Knitex, Inc. and as a consultant at Ernst & Young LLP.

    White & Lee LLP
    The firm’s practice areas generally center on those areas of law and business that growing technology companies and investors require to flourish. Those areas include the formation and structuring of entities and investment funds, the financing of new enterprises, the implementation of equity incentive plans, general counseling regarding the protection of intellectual property, employment guidance for companies and executives, product branding and domain name strategy and the registration and prosecution of trademarks.

    We also actively represent companies engaged in the sale or merger of their businesses or related corporate restructurings and we provide guidance for entrepreneurs seeking capital, technology or manufacturing resources abroad. We also represent companies outside the US that are seeking access to technology or related partnering relationships and strategic alliances with US-based businesses.


    SDForum Center
    111 West Saint John, Suite 200
    San Jose, CA