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  • SDForum is hosting a morning of one-on-one legal coaching sessions with attorneys from the Emerging Companies Practice Group of the law firm of Hanson Bridgett. These meetings are designed to focus on addressing the legal needs of emerging companies and help founders and CEOs meet the ongoing challenges of new company growth. This is a prime opportunity to get legal perspectives on your issues about forming a corporation, raising capital--whether at a seed or venture round--and whether through common stock, convertible notes, or preferred stock, and dotting i's and crossing t's on sewing up intellectual-property rights.

    Hanson Bridgett takes a team approach in working with clients to provide a more comprehensive source of legal counsel. The attorneys who plan to participate in the sessions include Teresa Pahl, Scott Smith, and Catherine Dwyer. In aggregate, they boast over a century of experience covering topics such as general corporate formation and securities issues, venture-capital and other financing, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, stock incentive plans, tax, leasing and real estate, and intellectual-property licensing and protection.

    Attorneys from Hanson Bridgett's Emerging Companies Practice Group are looking to have an interactive conversation with five to 10 companies in a range of technology fields and industries.

    Hanson Bridgett has represented more than 60 emerging companies, as well as larger and more established technology companies and industry trade associations.

    If you are an entrepreneur or a CEO of an early or later stage company, please submit a one-page summary of your business for selection.


    Featured Attorneys

    (Please click on the names of attorneys below to go to an extended bio for each)

    Scott Smith, Senior Counsel, experience in private and public company equity financings, debt transactions, corporate securities, and mergers and acquisitions

    Teresa Pahl, Partner and Head of the Business Section, experience in corporate securities, private placements of equity and debt securities, mergers and acquisitions, design of complex capital structures, and initial public offerings

    Catherine Dwyer, Associate, counsels on a variety of business, corporate and commercial transactional issues including securities, financings, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and general contracts.


    How to apply:

    Please email one page executive summary to [email protected]


    Deadline to apply:

    Please submit one page summary by 5:00pm, Friday, October 21st



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    $35 non members



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