Tech Women: Volunteer Event- Woman Alive! (By Invitation Only)




    Special event for people who have volunteered to help SVForum Tech Women- By Invitation Only

    Woman Alive! 

    You want to thrive being a leader, right? 
    As a smart, accomplished professional in a position of leadership, you’ve chosen to lean in
    The problem is, leading can pull you in so many directions that you lose yourself. 
    You adapt and succeed, but something is left behind. You may find yourself chronically depleted, strung out by catch-22 demands, and at wit’s end about how to lead as an empowered and vibrant woman. 
    It’s time for sustainable leadership to be a personal, felt experience. Women like you are empowering themselves to transform how they lead for the better. Better for yourself. Better for everyone. It’s your turn now.
    Woman Alive! 
    In this interactive presentation, we'll identify five keys to empowered leadership. You'll gain a new appreciation for your competitive advantage is as a leader. You'll experience a couple of practices that can help you restore focus and increase your influence where it matters. 
    About Beata Lewis, JD, MSC - Executive Coach & Change Consultant - Bridging LivesAn Executive Coach and Change Consultant for nearly two decades, Beata works with individual leaders and organizational leadership teams to help them grow more sustainably and collaborate more productively and creatively. Her clients are accomplished "knowledge professionals" – often in science and technology – developing innovative, adaptive solutions to complex problems. In connection with her 2003 study, The Feminine Face of Leadership in Science, Beata launched Transformational Leadership Circles for Women (TLC for Women Leaders™) to deepen the inquiry about how women can be healthier and more fulfilled while also more effective in high-power, high-stress leadership environments. She has designed and led programs for independent professionals and organizational leaders, such as Leading from Center and Resilient & Resonant Leadership. Certified as a Master Somatic Coach, Beata is also adjunct faculty with the Green MBA program of the Dominican University School of Business and Leadership, as well as a mediator and former attorney.