Startup SIG: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Three Levers of Funding



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    The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Three Levers of Funding. There are three primary pieces of groundwork that start-ups need to examine as part of their funding process: The market, the technology, and Intellectual Property. The associated strategies and each portion's viability play major roles in obtaining funding and providing a path to commercialization. This presentation focuses on their key “levers” and their respective components; gives entrepreneur's some guidelines for examining each as they build their business plans and investor materials.

    Ms. Faries is CEO of SciMed Partners. SciMed helps innovative companies commercialize and integrate market, business development, R&D, technology, and intellectual property strategies. The company focuses on medical devices, medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and emerging technologies. “Susie” has held senior executive level positions with major US corporations including Vice President of Marketing for American Medical Response, the largest provider of emergency medical services in the US ($1 billion in revenue) and Vice President of Marketing for American Medical Pathways, the technology subsidiary of American Medical Response. She has worked in large and start-up environments in medical devices and health care technologies. She is the former CEO of SMS Healthcare, headquartered first in Virginia then Denver, with offices in North Carolina and West Virginia. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs that has an 89-year track record of successful business operations.



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