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  • How to Increase performance, scalability, and reliability of databases,



    Jeff Byard (bio), Dir. of Prod. Mngmt. and Prod. Mktg. - RightOrder, Inc.
    Neal Sample (bio), Research Engineer - RightOrder, Inc.


    Presentation Overview

    How to Increase Performance, Scalability, and Reliability of Databases

    Current data management solutions are largely optimized for intra-enterprise, client-server applications. They depend on predictability, predefined structure, and universal administrative control, and cannot easily cope with change and lack of structure, especially as the amount of data and the number of users increase. However, modern enterprise applications are dynamic, unpredictable, organic, and decentralized, and require a great deal of flexibility and scalability from underlying data management solutions to perform at a high level. This has led to a constant tug-of-war between application performance and scalability on one hand and flexibility on the other that has curtailed today's applications from realizing their potential.

    The Index Fabric technology is a breakthrough data indexing technology that essentially eliminates the tradeoffs between performance, scalability, and flexibility for data management solutions. The core of the Index Fabric technology is a novel data structure, an index based on layered Patricia tries, which provides for high performance in a small disk footprint. The Index Fabric technology also employs innovative data representation techniques, which provide the needed flexibility. The result is that enterprises can experience new levels of performance for existing applications, even as the amount of data and the number of users go up, while applications whose demands for flexibility made them previously unfeasible are now easy to develop.

    The Index Fabric has been in development for a decade and is at the core of RightOrder Application-Data Server (ADS) solutions - new infrastructure software that simultaneously meets the demands for performance, scalability, and flexibility of enterprise applications. The first ADS solution is an RDBMS performance enhancer, which dramatically improves the performance and scalability of enterprise applications running on Oracle databases.


    About the Presenters


    Jeff Byard, Dir. of Prod. Mngmt. and Prod. Mktg. at RightOrder, Inc.

    Jeff Byard is the Director of Product Management and Product Marketing at RightOrder, Inc. In this role he is responsible for leading the company's products through development and launch. Previously he spent seven years in various software development and product management positions at Red Brick Systems, a pioneering data warehousing software company known for its exceptional technology and vision. He has a BS in Mathematics / Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.


    Neal Sample, Research Engineer at RightOrder, Inc.

    Neal Sample is an accomplished researcher currently finishing his PhD at Stanford University. He is also a Research Engineer with the CTO group at RightOrder, Inc. He has written numerous articles in various corners of mathematics and computer science, including several on XML indexing and storage. His work on XML indexing with RightOrder's Index Fabric technology appeared most recently at VLDB 2001. Neal has taught courses at the University of Wyoming and at Stanford University.


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