XML SIG: Developing Speech Applications with VoiceXML



  • Ralf Pfeiffer of BeVocal, will present on developing speech applications using VoiceXML and the BeVocal Cafe.



    Ralf Pfeiffer, Manager of VoiceXML Development - BeVocal, Inc.


    Cubberly Community Center
    4000 Middlefield Road, Room H-1
    Palo Alto, CA



    7:00-7:30pm registration/networking/refreshments

    7:30-9:00pm program



    $10 for non-SDForum Members

    No charge for SDForum members and students with ID

    Presentation Overview

    Ralf Pfeiffer, the manager of VoiceXML development with BeVocal, Inc., will present on developing speech applications using VoiceXML and the BeVocal Cafe. The following points will be covered in the talk:


    * Introduction to VoiceXML Architecture, Concepts, and Elements

    * A VoiceXML example

    * Extending the power of VoiceXML with Nuance SpeechObjects

         - Geo Utilities

         - Creditcard, Telephone, Menu, etc.


    * The BeVocal Cafe platform for VoiceXML development

         - Tools

         - Develop, Debug, and Deploy

         - Help (Documentation, newsgroups, support)

         - The Carrier Partnership Program


    Speaker Profile

    Ralf Pfeiffer

    Ralf Pfeiffer is the Manager of the VoiceXML Technology Group, managing the BeVocal Cafe developer program, which includes the BeVocal Cafe website for Voice Application development and the core VoiceXML Interpreter used by BeVocal. He was also responsible for BeVocal's initial VoiceXML Interpreter architecture and development. Ralf serves as a member of the W3C Voice Browser group helping define the next generation of VoiceXML and related languages.

    Ralf formerly worked for IBM's XML Core technology group where he helped develop the XML4J parser, and helped IBM transition the parser to Apache, as the Xerces parser which is the premier Open Source XML parser is use today. Previously to IBM, Ralf worked as a software engineer in the developer programs for Taligent and Rational Software Corp.