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Web Seminar: Rapid Fire Wireless 101 with Bill Day of Sun



  • Join us for the first SDForum Web Seminar - no need to get in your car. In one hour, you'll get the rundown on the world of wireless technologies - the acronyms and other terms.

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    Bill Day (Bio), Technology Evangelist, Sun Microsystems

    Do you know the difference between WAP and i-Mode, or CHTML and WML and XHTML? Just what are J2ME and GPRS and 3G? Confused by Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11, and HomeRF? For many of us, there are too many wireless acronyms popping up to keep on top of them all.

    In one-hour you'll get the rundown on these and other related wireless technologies from Bill Day of Sun Microsystems. One by one, in rapid succession, each term and technology will be explained. You'll leave this web seminar with a strong foundational understanding of wireless technology!

    Speaker Bio


    Bill Day, Technology Evangelist, Sun Microsystems

    Bill created the J2ME Archive to help developers build applications and services using Java technology. He manages jGuru's J2ME and Java Media FAQs. Bill writes frequently about software development and has contributed feature articles to many sites and publications including CNN.com, ServerWorld, JavaWorld, Dr. Dobb's Journal Software Careers, Gamasutra, and Sun's site.

    Bill serves as an Association for Computing Machinery Distinguished Lecturer and speaks frequently on wireless technology, system security, and multimedia. He has presented keynotes, technical sessions, and courses at major industry conferences including SIGGRAPH and JavaOne and teaches Java and Wireless development as an extension instructor for the University of California Berkeley. Bill is also a Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform. More...

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    10:00am-11:00am Interactive Web seminar hosted by WebEx