W&V SIG: The Pervasive Internet: Getting Past the Hype



  • ...and XHTML and Branded Mobile Entertainment


    Daniel Zucker, - Director of Technology Access Systems America.
    George Williams, - Partner MZZO


    Presentation Overviews

    The Pervasive Internet: Getting Past the Hype

    The concept of the pervasive Internet has been promoted and even hyped for several years now. And like many concepts that eventually grew or are growing past the hype, online auctions, e-commerce, music downloads, come to mind, the pervasive Internet has also made huge strides.

    ACCESS is at the forefront of the pervasive Internet push, developing browsing engines for a spectrum of devices including smartphones, PDAs, automobile Telematics systems, digital televisions, and even video cameras.

    ACCESS is an Internet pioneer having developed the cHTML standard for NTT DoCoMo’s wildly successful i-mode® service and now their FOMA 3G service. ACCESS browser technology powers the Palm browser in OS 5 and beyond and is the core technology behind the popular new Treo 600.

    Daniel Zucker will discuss ACCESS’ success in Japan, the U.S. and throughout the world, including ACCESS’ vision for the pervasive Internet. Get past the hype and find out where the pervasive Internet is really heading.

    XHTML and Branded Mobile Entertainment

    XHTML is often overlooked as a branding element, yet in the mobile space, without branding a premium mobile site can look like a commodity. A combination of XHTML and CSS enables agencies and other brand managers to establish visual brand association, strengthening the brand and extending marketing opportunities beyond the end-user’s device.

    Studio fujiiro, a member of Mzzo Group, takes that logic to the world of mobile games. Through mixed mode gameplay, a player can experience the best of MMS, for example, and the best of XHTML + CSS. The studio's Lftm25 platform allows not only mixed mode play, but game customization, and a carrier-class analytics package. fujiiro looks at gaming from the sponsor perspective. A title is considered a vehicle for multiple revenue streams, data mining, and cross-media promotion that takes the form of a game. fujiiro partners include Nokia and Adobe.


    Access Systems, Inc.

    Access Systems, Inc.is a Japanese based platform solution, have a clad-iron relationship with NTT – DoCoMo. NOTE: Access Systems is the pioneer in the creation of cHTML. Linux on the handset will be broached as well.

    MZZO, Inc.

    MZZO, Inc. understands the progressive concept of marketing and branding in the mobile environment. The acronym MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) will arise in the MZZO presentation. Press Release: Mzzo Group Joins ACCESS Systems America's Alliance Program For Mobile Content http://www.access-us-inc.com/news/articles/08202003.asp


    About the Presenters

    Daniel Zucker - Director of Technology

    Daniel F. Zucker, Ph.D. is currently Director of Technology at ACCESS Co. Ltd., a leading provider of Internet browser and access technologies deployed on over 100 million client devices and 254 different Internet devices from 90 major Internet device manufacturers. Dr. Zucker has held several leadership positions in the embedded computing industry including CTO of f, the leading supplier of medical applications for the Palm OS Platform, and VP of Engineering for MobileAria, a provider of telematics solutions. Dr. Zucker has authored several academic and professional publications on embedded computing, multimedia, and computer security. He received his BS, MS, and PhD from Stanford University’s Department of Electrical Engineering.

    George Williams, Partner

    George Williams, Mario Nieto and Mauricio Banchieri-Carter founded Mzzo Group in 2002. The Group is based in San Francisco and Washington D.C. Prior to Mzzo, Mr. Williams worked in the area of interface design for proposed 3G devices. His clients have included, Levi-Strauss and Adobe. His writings include 2.5G and 3G analysis, analyses of Location-Based Services, and 2FR. 2FR, Film Format Reference, are the guidelines that govern studio fujiiro content development. fujiiro was founded in 2001.


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