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  • This will undoubtably be an informative night and a peek into the future of developing with Web Services.

    Employing Web Services for Real-time Internet and Enterprise Data Integration

    Mayank Vadodaria (bio), CTO and VP Eng. - Virtual Boardwalk/Lenos
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    SODA - The Emerging Model for Application Development

    Semyon Shulman (bio), VP of Eng. - WebPutty, Inc.
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    Presentation Overview

    Employing Web Services for Real-time Internet and Enterprise Data Integration

    XML Web Services technology has been advocated as the next generation solution for enterprise application integration. It has been mostly emphasized for use in a corporate IT infrastructure, or between corporate business partners who need to share data.

    This presentation will focus on and demonstrate its usefulness within an ASP (hosted) solution. The most daunting question that customers of the Lenos platform (and any other hosted solution) face is “how to get the data being collected within the hosted platform integrated with their other applications, running within their corporate network.” A practical example will be illustrated to highlight the power of XML Web Services to enable a relatively painless but secure process in achieving that objective. Furthermore, Web Services can enable data transfer in both directions, achieving true integration (and almost real-time synchronization).

    From a different perspective, use of XML Web Services to architect its product platform can give an ASP solution provider a huge competitive edge. Two examples from the Lenos architecture will be used to illustrate this unique advantage.

    SODA - The Emerging Model for Application Development

    Catch a glimpse of the future of application development over a slice of pizza. A new class of development tools must emerge to meet the demands of the new service-oriented model of application development driven by the adoption of Web services. Gartner, the world's leading technology research firm, calls ISEs (Integrated SODA Environments) the "next generation of application development platforms for building composite applications" that "will affect every application development organization."

    ISEs represent a fusion of the tangle of design tools, IDEs, frameworks, and deployment servers that are used in the development process. In this meeting, Semyon will present an overview of ISE functionality as well as a tour through a leading .NET ISE, the WebPutty Application Platform. We'll take a look under the covers of SODA, including building a complete .NET and Web services application, and discuss how and when to use an ISE. This is a technical conversation; led by development managers for WebPutty, so bring plenty of questions!

    You will have an opportunity to evaluate how ISEs provide an easier way to build .NET applications that utilize SQL Server and Web Services -- without requiring .NET expertise. Developers use a declarative design environment to define databases, logic, and UI, and the WebPutty ISE automatically creates a full .NET application. Infrastructure and integration code are automatically created and optimized. Despite the transparent automation of most routine web development tasks, visual models give developers full visibility and control of their applications.


    About the Presenter


    Mayank Vadodaria, CTO and VP Eng. at Virtual Boardwalk/Lenos

    Mayank Vadodaria has been involved with software development and architecture for over two decades, encompassing many languages, computing models and platforms. In his role at Lenos Technologies, Mayank is responsible for the multiple offerings within the Lenos platform, which is focused on CRM for Marketing departments. It is built 100% on Microsoft platform, and leverages the .NET technologies for productivity and operational efficiencies.

    Mayank has held similar architecture and engineering responsibilities at other companies involved in diverse industries such as e-Finance, international trade support for e-commerce, AI-enabled application migration. These products were built using J2EE on the Sun platform. Prior to that, he was instrumental in the development of database systems software on various PC and midrange platforms, while at Gupta Technologies and Digital Equipment Corp (DEC).

    Mayank is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, receiving a B.Tech. (EE) in 1981. He also earned a MS/CS from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and an MBA degree from Boston University.


    Semyon Shulman, VP of Engineering at WebPutty, Inc.

    A strong technical leader with extensive experience in full life cycle software development, Semyon is responsible for day-to-day activities of WebPutty Engineering and Professional Services teams. He brings his comprehensive database development experience and "can do" attitude to ensure successful delivery of WebPutty product releases and customer solutions. Semyon has over ten years of hands-on experience in product development and technical management within the computer industry. He has lead development efforts for successful releases of WebPutty Application Platform.

    Prior to joining WebPutty, Semyon held technical leadership positions in database and application development with Harvest Technology and Deltanet. Semyon holds a M.S. degree from Riga Polytechnic University in Latvia.


    Event Logistics


    Microsoft Main Campus
    1065 La Avenida, Bldg. 1
    Mountain View, CA


    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments/pizza
    7:00-7:45pm presentation 1 & discussion
    8:00-9:00pm presentation 2 & discussion
    (Pizza and sodas are provided courtesy of ExecuStaff)


    $15 at the door for non-SDForum members
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