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  • This presentation will provide some early answers to questions based on interviews with executives who are early adopters of Web services technology.


    John Hagel (bio), Business Consultant and Author -


    Presentation Overview

    Creating Economic Value With Web Services

    The hype machine is working over-time on Web services. Technology providers are scrambling to push the “next big thing”. Business executives are generally confused and understandably skeptical. They have yet to hear a compelling business case for this new technology.

    The best way to separate hype from reality is to look at what users of a technology are actually doing with it. Where is it being deployed in business environments? What is the business impact of the deployments? What are the limitations with the technology and how are they being overcome? This presentation will provide some early answers to these questions based on interviews with executives who are early adopters of Web services technology. It will suggest that the near-term business value is compelling, but very different from much of the hype.

    Building on the experiences of these early adopters, this presentation will also explore some of the longer-term business implications of this technology. Where and how will it have impact over time? Is this just a marginal technology in the business world or does it have long-term disruptive potential? This presentation will suggest that Web services technology is “deceptively disruptive” – it will find its way into companies by addressing very mundane needs and will only become disruptive over time as businesses begin to understand the options created by the technology.


    About the Presenter


    John Hagel, Business Consultant and Author -

    John Hagel is a business consultant and author. He works with senior management to shape business strategies and improve business performance. His experience includes senior management positions in technology businesses and sixteen years as a consultant with McKinsey & Co. He wrote the recently released Out of the Box, on the business implications of Web services technology. He is also the author of the best-selling business books, Net Gain and Net Worth.


    Event Logistics


    Thelen Reid & Priest Multipurpose Room
    101 Second Street, Second Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94105

    Note: Second and Mission--Security locks the doors at 6; buzz the security officer from the Second Street entrance for admission to the building.


    6:30-7:00pm registration/networking/refreshments/pizza
    7:00-9:00pm presentation and discussion


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