Software Architecture & Platform SIG: Xtreme Transaction Processing in SOA



  • Topic: Xtreme Transaction Processing in SOA

    As many of us continue to work towards adopting and supporting SOA in our IT infrastructure, many have had concerns and anxiety over scalability across heterogeneous system, large payload processing and reliability of SOA infrastructure. Thinking through the SOA scalability chasm and its ramifications in practical use, , there are some stunning realizations that become blaringly obvious that cause us to re-evaluate assumptions for how to reliably get data from one place to another. The basic question to ask is “Why send it when its already there? why continue to utilize conventional messaging? Particularly for large XML data sets, why create large JMS or SOAP message and send them across the wire through the ESB simply to take them out again?

    The next generation service bus inherently has direct access to service state data using in-memory-grid based HA, BPEL process orchestration capabilities, and today’s notions of ESB capabilities such as data transformation and routing, service level abstraction, and adapter support.

    In this presentation we will discuss some of the emerging technologies and design patterns that help to address common SOA scalability requirements

    Bio: Anirudh is a Principal Solution Architect at Oracle Corporation. His main focus is in enterprise SOA, enterprise application Integration technologies and scalability. He has worked with many customers in North America to define their SOA roadmap and application Integration strategy as well as implement highly scalable service infrastructures. You can reach him at or connect with him on on Linked In.


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