Security SIG: Part 2 of Crypto Key Management



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    Part 2 of Crypto Key Management

    As the internet becomes increasingly hostile, companies are forced to review their need for data-encryption for protecting customer information, as never before.

    However, given the highly distributed nature of applications, confidential data is spread across many applications in the enterprise, and encrypting all of them consistently, while ensuring a low TCO is challenging.

    Because of the many point-solutions on the market, IT Operations is typically saddled with managing multiple key-management infrastructures with unique OA&M (Operations, Administration & Maintenance) and increased TCO. What is needed is a consistent way of managing symmetric encryption keys across operating systems, applications, databases and devices to simplify the process and to reduce costs.

    To enable this, OASIS has created an Enterprise Key Management Infrastructure Technical Committee (EKMI-TC). This TC is focused on the standardization of an XML-based client-server protocol - Symmetric Key Services Markup Language (SKSML) - for how a client may request symmetric key-management services securely, from a centralized Symmetric Key Services (SKS) server. The protocol will enable application developers to use a consistent and standards-based communication method for generating, escrowing and recovering symmetric keys from the SKS server.


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