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    The Search: A ten year perspective

    The topic of this month is “The Search: A ten year perspective”, during which we will look back at the early days of the search industry, its key turning points, and discuss its short term outlook and its future.

    In order to address that topic exhaustively, we could only invite one expert to be the host of our session: John Battelle, the author of the reference book: The Search. John has kindly accepted to share his views, and interesting anecdotes with us in a fireside chat with Dan Farber, the Editor in Chief of ZDNet. John will then moderate a panel gathering founders or executives of new search engines, all having launched in the last few months. John will ask them about their aspirations, motivations, and potential concerns in entering this large market already counting a number of 800–pound gorillas.



    -Adam Beguelin, Truveo
    -Pete Flint, Trulia
    -Gautam Godhwami, SimplyHired
    -Tony Gentile, Healthline


    Event Logistics


    Microsoft Campus
    1065 La Avenida, Bldg. 1
    Mountain View,, CA 94043

    Quick logistics note: the event requires a pre-registration and will be limited to 270 attendees, the capacity of the Conference Center of the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus (Building 1, 1065 La Avenida St., Mountain View). We will only be able to accept sign-ups at the door based on the remaining capacity, so we suggest you do register in advance. This will also help us figuring out required food and beverages. To speed up the signing process, please print, fill in and bring the parking form if you are parking your car on the Microsoft campus. To print out this form, please go to the Search Blog at: To reference the Search SIG Blog: Search SIG Blog


    6:30-7:00pm - Getting your pre-registered badge, and mingling over food and drinks
    7:00–7:05pm - Welcome
    7:05-7:55pm - Act I: John Battelle on “The Search: A ten year perspective”
    7:55-8:05pm - Intermission: Search Networking & Geeking Out
    8:05-8:55pm - Act II: The vertical search market – a SWOT analysis
    9:00–9:20pm - Act III: Demos from Truveo, Trulia, SimplyHired and Healthline
    9:20-9:30pm - Open Mike Geek: Announcements (30 seconds of fame & fortune)


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    No charge for SDForum members

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    Mission statement: The Search for Search

    The purpose of the SDForum Silicon Valley Search SIG is to offer a communication and collaboration platform to the Search ecosystem: search engines, marketers/advertisers, users and developers. Through a series of monthly events, the SIG will cover a large diversity of topics: from the latest developments in search to the needs of brands and advertisers, through the issues and key learnings of starting, funding, building, and exiting a search company.

    We plan to use different formats for the SIG as well: fireside chats with key executives of the ecosystem, panels, presentations + Q&As, unconference - i.e the panel is the audience, etc. Once thing we request, demand, beg for, is the participation of the audience.

    We also want to give companies the opportunity to introduce themselves, launch their products, in short segments of 5/10 mins max. And at the end of each session, anybody having an announcement to make will be able to do so.
    To reference the Search SIG Blog: Search SIG Blog

    Pre-registration for this event is closed.
    Please register at the door.