Saas SIG: Software on Demand's Impact on the Industry:



  • Transformation and Rebirth, or Extinction?

    Profound changes are underway in the way that many software applications are developed, sold, deployed and accessed. Software-as-a-Service or On-Demand, (call it anything but ASP or web services), bold new companies and investors are getting the architecture and business models right this time. The new generation of SaaS solutions are built specifically for web delivery --- net-native, browser-based business applications that are charging up the demand curve from small-business into enterprise markets and from horizontal applications into specialties. SaaS economics allow SaaS providers to serve global markets through the Internet, using open source platforms and commodity hosting to level the playing field against traditional ISVs. SaaS solutions let customers avoid high upfront licensing and hardware costs, to productively use applications in days instead of months. But SaaS poses challenges of its own, altering past notions of software development, sales, marketing, support and maintenance. The SaaS SIG presents thought leadership and practical execution strategies for current and future SaaS entrepreneurs, investors, developers and industry executives.


    Presentation Overview


    Software on Demand's Impact on the Industry: Transformation and Rebirth, or Extinction?

    The appeal of on demand delivery of software is having a great impact on the software industry. Recent IDC studies have shown that 73% of software vendors and 70% of software customers strongly believe that the majority of software revenue will be delivered from subscription-based software as a service offerings by the year 2010. As part of IDC's ongoing research on software pricing, licensing, and delivery practices, this briefing will reveal the results from a major March 2005 survey and separate hype from reality as well as gauge the impact of on demand on software customers, vendors, and the entire industry.

    IDC analysts Amy Konary and Erin Traudt will discuss hot topic areas such as:

    • Opportunity segmentation and purchasing characteristics for software applications delivered on demand
    • Customer preferences for software on demand pricing and metrics
    • The financial impact that the on demand model will have on software industry revenues and customer expenditures


    About the Presenters

    Amy Konary

    Amy Konary is a Program Director and award winning analyst with IDC, covering software as a service, traditional licensing and subscription models in the software industry group. She has authored groundbreaking and award-winning research on supply chain exchange applications, personal and collaborative software as service market forecasts, and partnering strategies. y is often quoted in the trade press and business magazines such as Forbes, and is a frequent conference speaker. She has a Bachelors of Arts in Science from LeHigh University.


    Erin Traudt

    Erin Traudt is a research analyst for IDC's Software as a Service (SaaS) research program. In this capacity, she provides coverage of SaaS and software on demand, through research, analysis, and consulting. Before coming to IDC, Ms. Traudt worked at Sybase providing marketing and partner support. Ms. Traudt graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelors of Science in Organizational Communication.


    SaaS Conference Chair:

    John Koenig, President, Riseforth, Inc.


    SaaS SIG Co-Chair:

    Stacey Curry, Principal, BA Ventures Partners


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