• SF: Organizing & Engaging with Your 1st Customer Tuesday, March 26, 2002 - 08:30AM
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SF: Organizing & Engaging with Your 1st Customer



  • Hear from two successful high tech entrepreneurs about the sales process involved in qualifying and getting the commitments you need from your first customer.

    Co-hosted by the Women's Technology Cluster


    Bob Barker, (BioManagement Consultant, IFR Marketing

    Robert Gardner, (BioTreasurer & CFO, EDA Consortium and recent VP & COO of Integrated Telecom Express, Inc.

    Are you completing the development phase of your new product and faced with the question of “What is the next step?” Qualifying and targeting your first customers is a key part of establishing investor and industry credibility. Finding the “right” first customer is a crucial breakpoint in transitioning your company from a development focus to a market focus.

    Barker and Gardner will show you how to put your first customers to work as part of your team, and actually help you improve your product while becoming reference customers for your sales channels and marketing programs. This is not a seminar full of timeworn strategies, but real-world experience from two of the people who make it happen. You will learn about:

    • Key characteristics of the “ideal” first customer.
    • Expressing “value” in the early phase.
    • Differences between the “first” customer and the mainstream customer.
    • Organizing for successful execution of the initial sales process.
    • Management roles in getting the initial customer.
    • Sales channels and their best application in early phase sales.
    • And much more.

    Speaker Bio


    Bob Barker, IFR Marketing

    Mr. Barker is an experienced manager with over 25 years of direct experience in the semiconductor, software and component distribution industries. For the last 4 years, he has operated IFR Marketing Associates where he has brought his expertise to software and component companies in the Silicon Valley, Europe and Japan.

    Mr. Barker held the position of Vice President of Marketing at Exemplar Logic, Inc. of Fremont, CA. During his time with Exemplar, he was responsible for the successful repositioning of the company from OEM niche technology supplier to a mainstream FPGA synthesis end-user supplier. He did this by introducing the highly successful Leonardo series of synthesis tools to the market. This action resulted in year-to-year revenue growth rates of 70 to 100% over a 4-year period of time. Market valuation of Exemplar increased from $25M to $120M in two years.

    Before this, Mr. Barker was with Xilinx, Inc. as the Director of Marketing for the PLD Products Business Unit. This resulted from Xilinx’ purchase of Plus Logic, Inc, an FPGA start-up. Mr. Barker joined the Plus Logic organization prior to its initial venture funding and was part of the management team that raised $5M in initial capital. He went on to found the company’s European subsidiary. He lived in Munich, Germany during this time. Mr. Barker also held marketing and sales positions at Hamilton/Avnet, Signetics, Intersil, and Mesa Engineering, a San Diego-based manufacturers representative.


    Speaker Bio


    Robert Gardner, EDA Consortium

    Robert Gardner has worked in the semiconductor and design tools business since 1969 in a variety of roles including, Applications, Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Engineering management. Recently he was the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Integrated Telecom Express, Inc. (ITeX), a Fabless component semiconductor company designing and producing DSL Modem Integrated Circuits for the broadband industry. In August 2000 ITeX went public through Lehman Brothers, Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc., and Wit SoundView. While at ITeX, He was responsible for the growth of the company from $3.5 M in 1999 to over $54M in 2000. Mr. Gardner currently is on the board of directors of 2 emerging Electronic Design Automation (EDA) companies. In addition he actively works with the Board of Directors of the Electronic Design Automation Consortium (EDA-C) and serves as Treasurer, CFO of that organization. In the past he has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Design Acceleration, Inc. and Exemplar Logic.

    His focus has been providing the leadership for an emerging company to develop and retain a very loyal and productive employee team and good client & customer relationships. In addition he has worked in a management capacity at Advanced Micro Devices, Avnet Corporation, IMP, Intersil, and Signetics. He lives in the San Jose area with his wife Monique and family, and is an active volunteer with his church and the local community, supporting music education in local schools through the San Jose Jazz Society where he is Vice President, and on the Board of Directions.

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