• SEM SIG: Real-World Scrum Thursday, February 15, 2007 - 06:30PM to 08:30PM
    SAP Building D Southern Cross Room 3410 Hillview Avenue
    Palo Alto, CA 94304
    Software Architecture and Platform

SEM SIG: Real-World Scrum



  • Experiences introducing Scrum project management


    Presentation Overview

    Real-world Scrum: Experiences introducing Scrum project management

    Matt and Ben will share their experiences in small and large companies, introducing Scrum project management and Agile development methodologies. They will talk about what worked, what didn’t, and why. They hope to share not just information but the fun and challenges of Scrum. They want to communicate their excitement about the methodology, and also make sure that those who want to try it will know how to prepare for an effective and successful experience.

    This event, like Scrum itself, is for anyone involved in software development and project management: team members, leaders, managers, product owners, and executives.



    Matt Foley, DIrector of Engineering, LogLogic, Inc.

    Formerly the PostScript Language Architect for Adobe Systems, a Director of Engineering for Alta Vista Company, and VP of Engineering at Arkivio, Inc., Matt has 20 years of experience leading and managing software development of successful products for OEM and Enterprise markets. He has an abiding interest in finding the common ground between what’s good for the engineers and what’s good for the company. He was drawn to Scrum by its promise of outstanding communication, naturally structured teams, and a pragmatic way to deal with changing requirements in a schedule-driven environment.

    Matt has BS(Physics) and MA(Education) degrees from Stanford University, and an MS(Computer Engineering) from Santa Clara University.


    Benjamin Ram, LogLogic, Inc.

    A Project & Product management executive with 15+ years accomplished track record of complex hardware and software product execution at Microsoft and beyond. Ben has experience with both PMI and Agile project management, and domain expertise in embedded software for hardware systems, video on demand, large scale web applications, and mobile electronics products. Ben brings his unique and powerful blending of engineering, law and planning to enable liaison with developers, partners and C-level executives, to help design and assess processes which will make business more effective. He is bringing those skills to bear as he helps his current team evaluate and trial scrum practices.

    Ben has a BS from Cornell University and a JD from Whittier Law School.




    Building D

    Southern Cross Room

    3410 Hillview Avenue

    Palo Alto, CA 94304