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    Presentation Overview

    Outsourcing Horror Stories: Lessons Learned the Hard Way

    Outsourcing of software development has been tried and tested by the early adopters and we have crossed the chasm to where it is now safe for the early majority to try.

    Or is it? Studies have shown that more than half of outsourced work fails to meet financial goals. So have all the problems, risks, and dangers really been eliminated?

    Come hear how our panel of software engineering professionals have survived the pitfalls of offshore outsourcing and made it work for them.


    About the Presenter

    Steve Mezak, CEO, Accelerance, Inc. Author : Software without Borders: A Step-By-Step Guide to Outsourcing Your Software Development

    Steve Mezak founded Accelerance in 2001 to share his expertise in successfully integrating in-house and outsourced development teams (both on and offshore) for dramatic cost and time savings. As an internationally acclaimed speaker and consultant, Steve has shown hundreds of software executives how to use outsourced development as a major strategic advantage for developing their software. Steve brings a wealth of practical information to his clients, helping them review outsourced development options and using his field-tested services to deliver risk-free outsourcing.

    Steve is a veteran of six startups, including Aspect Development, sold to i2 for $9B and Digital Market, sold to Agile Software for $75M. His roles ranged from technical lead to CTO and CEO. He has over 25 years of software development experience moving from writing software code to responsibility for managing software teams and budgets. Steve has a BS with High Distinction in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and studied at UC Berkeley and City University in London.

    About the Panel

    Mark Miles

    Mark Miles is a graduate of Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business, and brings a wealth of business knowledge across many industries. Serving nine years in sales and marketing management with Eli Lilly and Company, Mark successfully launched six diabetes and neuroscience products. As former CEO of BARIDATA, Mark helped develop an on-line system to help the 125 million overweight patients in the U.S. lead longer, healthier lives. The BARIDATA helps system, patients, providers, and surgeons – as well as psychologists, dieticians, nutritionists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners – get a more efficient method for communicating, exchanging medical records, and assessing patient progress. Mark was instrumental in helping BARIDATA overcome many obstacles in creating their online system with outsourced teams in New York City, Costa Rica and India.

    Joel Riff

    Joel Riff is a partner with the law firm of GCA Law Partners LLP in Mtn. View, California. His practice focuses on technology transactions (including outsourcing) and online commerce for a wide variety of clients (from start-ups to multinational publicly-held companies) that develop, distribute, and utilize computer, Internet, and other technologies. Mr. Riff received his J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School and his BGS from the University of Michigan. Prior to becoming an attorney, he worked as a computer programmer in IT departments for five years.

    Phat Nguyen

    Phat Nguyen is Founder and CEO of SAAS Software. Phat worked at I.B.M, Nortel Networks, and Cisco Systems in a number of engineering and business positions prior to starting a web-based software company. He holds an M.S. in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University and a B.S. with High Honors from University of California. Phat has experience outsourcing to Romania and Argentina.

    Ly H. T. Pham

    Ly H. T. Pham has over twenty five years of system software management, consulting and entrepreneur experience, Ly-Huong is a founding partner of Zenterpriser, an angel group working with early and late stage companies. She also currently serves as CEO and founder of Mobiscale, a stealth-mode provider of scalable software solutions for the mobile industry. Prior to Mobiscale, she was CEO and co-founder of Bluekey Services Inc., a company focusing on contract manufacturing software services. She held several executive positions including Senior VP of Corporate Development and Operations at Cray Inc., a publicly held company and the premier provider of supercomputing solutions. Prior to Cray Inc., Ly served as CEO at Turbolinux Inc, chief operating officer at Onscreen 24, and CTO and VP of R&D at VTEL Corporation. Prior to VTEL, she led the development of the award winning, easiest to use Macintosh OS 8 user experience at Apple Computer. Prior to Apple, she held numerous technical and management roles at Wang Laboratories, Inc. She was also a venture advisor to IDG VN, a venture fund investing in Vietnam. She has been granted ten patents as a co-inventor in the area of data object integration and visual communications. Ly is a board of director of Vietnamese Silicon Valley Network, a non-profit organization focusing on being a premier global bridge among Vietnamese professionals in the high-tech industry around the world. Ms. Pham received a B.A. in Mathematics, an M.S. in Information Systems from Boston University, a Presidential/ Key Executive M.B.A. from Pepperdine University, and is currently enrolled in the Human and Organization Systems PhD program with Fielding University. Ly has outsourced to Vietnam, India, China, Korea, Eastern Europe, Ireland, and Russia.

    Paul Clip

    Paul Clip is Vice President of Products at RelayHealth in Emmeryville, CA. He has over a decade of information technology experience. At Sapient, he held various roles including Director of Technology and Senior Architect. Leading teams of up to 60 engineers, Paul was responsible for designing and delivering complex, distributed, transactional Web sites for Fortune 500 clients. Prior to joining RelayHealth, Paul was Director of Security Architect at @stake, a cutting edge digital security consulting firm. He was the West Coast lead for the Application Security Center of Excellence, helping to define many of the processes and best practices around secure design and development. Paul researched collective intelligence and wrote simulation software for NeXTSTEP. Paul has degrees from Brussels Free University, Solvay Business School, and Carnegie Mellon. Paul is presently outsourcing to China.



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