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    Presentation Overview

    Lean Strategies for Software Development Leaders

    Lean Strategies for Software Development Leaders What do PatientKeeper, a hospital data management system, and Zara, a high fashion clothing chain, have in common with Dell Computer and Toyota Motor Corporation? All four companies are overwhelming their competition with a constant flood of new products that seem to be exactly what customers want, even as they set the standard for quality and value. How do they do it? To these companies, Lean Thinking is a way of life: Customer Value, Rapid Response, Constant Learning, Built-in Quality and Engaged Workers are part of the culture.

    Today’s Software Development leaders need to make difficult strategic decisions, including:

    • How can we increase the productivity of software development?
    • How can we reduce cost while improving quality and predictability?
    • How can we improve the ROI of our software investments?
    • How can we make software a competitive advantage?
    • How can we use software to help grow the business?

    Lean Thinking is an approach that can help you succeed with these decisions. It has a long history of generating dramatic improvements in fields as diverse as health care, manufacturing, retailing, and now information technology.

    SDForum SEM SIG invites you to lean first hand from Lean thought-leader Mary Poppendieck how to apply Lean Principles to your organization. Mary has pioneered the application of Lean Thinking to software development with her award winning book, Lean Software Development; An Agile Toolkit.


    About the Presenter

    Mary Poppendieck

    Mary Poppendieck has been in the Information Technology industry for thirty years. She has managed solutions for companies in several disciplines, including supply chain management, manufacturing systems, and digital media. As a seasoned leader in both operations and new product development, she brings a practical, customer-focused approach to software development problems.

    A popular writer and speaker, Mary’s classes apply lean principles to Software Development problems and offer a fresh perspective on software development processes. Her book Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit was awarded the Software Development Productivity Award in 2004.



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