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SEM SIG: Handling the



  • Managing Real Human Beings

    “Dr. Manning is masterful at assuaging conflict among big egos, and –HEY! - let’s face it – some of the brilliant people with whom we work in the technical world can be a bit of a challenge at time! When I run into these situations, I always call Marilyn.” - Kimberly Wiefling

    Presentation Overview

    Handling the "Sticky" Stuff: Managing Real Human Beings

    As technical leaders we learned to focus on solving technical problems, and yet as we lead and manage at higher levels of responsibilities we can get bogged down with interpersonal disagreements and other sticky people issues. While product development languishes and critical business priorities escalate, we can find ourselves wasting energy accommodating big egos and sorting out conflict over seemingly less urgent matters.

    Unresolved conflicts, grievances and miscommunications waste enormous amounts of time and energy. There is also a bottom line cost of lost profit, possible legal issues and negative market reputation. This is especially true in fast-paced, highly driven and competitive environments, where stress tends to escalate. Although unintentional, the impact can be up to 30% in lost profits and 50% in reduced goal attainment.

    This event will equip you with practical tools and approaches that you can immediately implement to recognize and resolve conflicts in their early stages while they are easiest to solve. Learn to handle challenging behavior, reduce anger, stay calm under pressure and develop resolution strategies that put the focus back on getting the product done right!

    GET REAL HELP REAL-TIME! Send your "sticky" situations to Dr. Manning ahead of time at m@theconsultingteam.com and she'll bring some strategies to our event to help you.


    About the Presenter

    Marilyn Manning

    Marilyn Manning, Ph.D., CSP, CMC, is one of only 18 international speakers holding both certified management consultant (CMC) and certified speaking professional (CSP) designations. She lectures regularly at several of Stanford University’s Leadership Forums. Marilyn has authored 7 business books, which have been published in eight languages. Her latest book Developing as a Professional: 50 Tips for Getting Ahead was published in 2004. Her interactive speaking and consulting style is uniquely educational and motivational. As a certified speaking professional, Marilyn has delivered over 1000 speeches and trainings to more than 300 clients. Her topics of expertise include: Leadership, Change, Communications, Team Dynamics, Strategic Planning, Conflict Management and Assessments.

    As the founder and CEO of The Consulting Team, LLC, Dr. Manning and her associates have been helping organizations solve difficult organizational and people problems for over twenty years. Through meeting facilitation, strategic planning, and one-on-one coaching, they have assisted their clients in becoming more effective at resolving conflict, developing leadership, and implementing change. 82% of The Consulting Team's business comes from repeat clients.



    Building D
    Southern Cross Room
    3410 Hillview Avenue
    Palo Alto, CA 94304


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