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    Presentation Overview

    Worlds collide: when mobile, real-time requirements meet fragmented legacy systems: Lessons learned in providing real-time patient information to emergency room physicians

    As mobile devices are becoming increasingly powerful and ubiquitous, and early successes such as mobile e-mail have been won, enterprises are starting to ask themselves how to deliver enterprise applications to mobile devices. In doing so they are finding that delivering compelling information and functionality to mobile users is turning out to be far more complex than porting or "refacing" existing enterprise applications.

    Adrian Blakey and Johannes Ernst will share the lessons they learned when developing a mobile, real-time information system for emergency room physicians at Kaiser Permanente. They will describe the entire project, from: business requirements and pre-existing legacy technology; through what worked and what didn't; which architecture choices failed and which won; to which technical and organizational hurdles had to be overcome, concluding with business benefits and future directions.

    This presentation will be of interest to architects and developers who are actively involved in or planning mobile enterprise applications. Rather than focusing on any one technology (e.g. mobile middleware, wireless networking, security, ...), this presentation will take a "whole product", architectural view and outline both what works, as well as which issues remain unsolved in order to deliver a compelling experience with tangible business benefits to mobile business users.


    About the Presenter

    Johannes Ernst

    Johannes Ernst is the founder/CEO and visionary behind NetMesh Inc., a Silicon Valley-based startup company pioneering Situational Software(tm). Before starting NetMesh, Johannes was founder, CEO, and Chief Architect of Aviatis Corp., a venture-backed Silicon Valley startup that provided distributed engineering tools.

    A native of Germany, he came to California in 1995 to work for Integrated Systems, an embedded software vendor since merged with Wind River Systems. Previously, he had been with BMW Engineering in Munich, Germany, and FZI, from where he consulted for a large German automotive consortium on distributed product development processes.

    Johannes has always been active in industry groups: In the Object Management Group, he started the group that defined object-oriented modeling for real-time systems (UML for real-time). He participated in the definition of the UML object modeling language. He also was an officer of CDIF, an early industry group defining semantic meta-models and interchange facilities.

    In 2001, Johannes became a member of a select group of "Technology Pioneers" recognized by the World Economic Forum in its annual Davos meeting, Switzerland. Johannes currently holds two patents and has several others pending. He has a doctorate and a master's degree in electrical engineering from the universities of Karlsruhe and Erlangen, Germany, respectively.


    Adrian Blakey

    Adrian Blakey is a Software Development manager at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland. He oversees a team of developers who undertake new and challenging projects within Kaiser. His work cuts across not only Web based development but also existing legacy application and new packaged software.

    Prior to Kaiser Adrian was VP of Engineering at a San Francisco ASP which was preceded by a stint at Amazon where he led the implementation of their eCommerce payments system. Prior to the break-out of the Internet Adrian managed software strategy for Sybase Inc. where he participated in an international standards effort for software interoperability.

    Adrian was educated in England at Bristol University where he received a degree in Physics.


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